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Antibiotic Resistance from Unexpected Sources–Herbicides, Dust and Metals

Forbes by Judy Stone Source: TP Martins More disturbing news was revealed this week on new sources of antibiotic resistance in the environment. First, in a troublesome report in mBio, the journal of the American Society for Microbiology, researchers showed that three commercial herbicides—Monsanto’s dicamba (Kamba) and glyphosate (Roundup), and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)—could make strains… Read more »

Letter to the Congressional Organic Caucus

NOTE: PCC Natural Markets, in Seattle, coordinated a letter to members of Congress expressing the concerns from three dozen retailers about the arbitrary changes made by the USDA to NOSB governance and advice over organic food and agriculture.  These changes continue to trouble Cornucopia and many others in the organic community. PCC Natural Markets To… Read more »

Major Pest Control Company Announces a Huge Change to Protect Bees

HuffPost by Chris D’Angelo Source: Day Donaldson A commonly used insecticide is suspected of contributing to the collapse of bee populations. In an effort to better protect the planet’s most important pollinators, pest control company Ortho says it will remove from its products a class of chemicals thought to be linked to declining bee populations. The company,… Read more »

Healthy Local Food Brought to Your Workplace?

Cornucopia’s Take: As consumers become more aware of what is in their food, farmers are stepping up to meet the demand for local produce. Farm to workplace: CSAs get hyper local Bangor Daily News by Kathleen Pierce, BDN Staff Source: Suzie’s Farm PORTLAND, Maine — A truck pulls up to Maine Medical Center, and stethoscope-draped employees… Read more »

How Does Your Go-To Organic Milk Stack Up?

Cornucopia’s Take: We are pleased that authoritative sources for cooking and food ingredients have taken note of our investigation into organic dairying.  This type of reporting helps consumers make better choices for what they feed themselves and their families. Not All Organic Milk Is Equally Healthy, Says Consumer Group Cooking Light by Christopher Michel Source: Susy… Read more »

Local Farmers Go Online to Sell Direct to Chefs

Bloomberg Businessweek By Victoria Black Dean Sparks is a 49-year-old farmer near Binghamton, N.Y., who for decades has relied on wholesale distributors to buy his organic eggs, milk, and cheese and sell it to stores and restaurants around the East Coast. In early April, he started experimenting with online food wholesaler FarmersWeb to sell to… Read more »

As Farmers’ Markets Go Mainstream, Some Fear a Glut

The New York Times by Matthew Cavanaugh FLORENCE, Mass. — John Spineti started selling plump tomatoes and shiny squash at farmers’ markets in the early 1970s and saw his profits boom as markets became more popular. But just as farmers’ markets have become mainstream, Mr. Spineti said business has gone bust. Farmers in pockets of… Read more »

Urban Farmers’ Crops Go From Vacant Lot to Market

New York Times By Tracie McMillan IN the shadows of the elevated tracks toward the end of the No. 3 line in East New York, Brooklyn, with an April chill still in the air, Denniston and Marlene Wilks gently pulled clusters of slender green shoots from the earth, revealing a blush of tiny red shallots… Read more »

Food Prices Soar in America

Higher food prices, led by milk, are hitting consumers where it hurts – in the stomach. By Aaron Smith, staff writer NEW YORK ( — Food prices are climbing and Americans are seeing it on their grocery store shelves. The price of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose 4.7 percent since the beginning of… Read more »

Organic Farming May Grow 10-Fold in 5 Years

The Economic Times New Delhi — Area under organic farming in India is likely to grow over ten-fold to one crore hectres in the next five years on buoyant domestic market and increased farmers’ interest to ensure sustained yield at lower costs. “Since the beginning of organic farming almost ten years back, acreage in India… Read more »