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Keeping an Eye on Transgenic Crops

Rocky Mountain Outlook By David Suzuki Did you know that genetically modified, or “transgenic” crops are now commonplace on North American farms? According to a recent survey in the United States, the majority of Americans have no idea just how pervasive this technology has become. In fact, North Americans have been eating transgenic foods and… Read more »

New Study Finds GM Genes in Wild Mexican Maize

posted on Soyatech New Scientist Now it’s official: genes from genetically modified corn have escaped into wild varieties in rural Mexico. A new study resolves a long-running controversy over the spread of GM genes and suggests that detecting such escapes may be tougher than previously thought. In 2001, when biologists David Quist and Ignacio Chapela… Read more »

Why the World Needs a Renaissance of Small Farming

The greed for profit is ruining agriculture – and the world – but the trend for local shops and farmers’ markets offers real hope The Guardian – UK Colin Tudge British farmers can’t produce pigs as cheaply as the Poles, or cattle feed as cheaply as the Brazilians, or milk as cheaply as the Americans,… Read more »

Government Tries to Help Stop Monarch Butterfly Massacre

The U.S. government vows to plant more milkweed while GMOs continue to kill off the magical creature in never-before-seen numbers. Rodale News by Christine Olley Source: Postbear Monarchs are getting massacred. This week, the Obama administration and conservation groups have come together to announce how they are going to save these beautiful creatures. The U.S…. Read more »

Dairy Farmers Increasingly Taking Advantage of Cross-Breeding

Farmers Guardian By Chloe Palmer Cross-breeding has become something of a trend in the dairy industry. But what does it involve and what is the best way to go about it? Chloe Palmer takes an in-depth look at the issue. Those farmers who champion the merits of a grass-based seasonal calving system are increasingly taking… Read more »

Resistance to Roundup is Increasing

Farmer’s Weekly Interactive by Louise Impey Weed resistance to glyphosate has increased fivefold since 2007 and is developing at a rate of one new weed species each year, William Reville of University College Cork told delegates at CropWorld. Ten weed species in the USA are now resistant to Roundup, he revealed, with a further 10… Read more »

Many Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Switch to Grazing

The LaCrosse Tribune By John Hartzell, The Associated Press MILWAUKEE — Bob and Karen Breneman found it difficult to accomplish all that had to be done around their southern Wisconsin dairy farm, but they didn’t want to hire more help. So they joined the growing number of farmers in America’s Dairyland who broke with tradition… Read more »

Follow Cornucopia’s NOSB Coverage

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) fall proceedings kick off at noon ET October 13 with a public comment session continuing through October 14, followed by the public meeting October 19-21. Cornucopia supplies NOSB members with independent analyses of agenda items, relying on publicly funded research and input from authentic organic farmers, consumers, and other… Read more »

Report Exposes Food Industry Cover-up

[Click here to read the updated carrageenan report] Toxic, Carcinogenic, Degraded Carrageenan: Widespread Contamination Present in the Common Food-Grade Ingredient A just-issued report by The Cornucopia Institute summarizes research on the common food additive carrageenan, exposing the industry’s hidden data demonstrating that all food-grade carrageenan contains a carcinogenic contaminant—low molecular weight poligeenan. Carrageenan, harvested from… Read more »

Close the Loophole Allowing Conventional Cows on Organic Farms

The comment period is closed. [UPDATED] Comment by July 27 Origin of Livestock – Proposed Rule One of Aurora’s “organic” dairies, each managing many thousands of cows (producing private label milk for Walmart, Costco, Target and others) In April 2010, the USDA National Organic Program’s new director, Miles McEvoy, promised that releasing a tightened set… Read more »