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Genetically-Engineered Trees?????

Yes, and Why Humanity Should be Petrified Living Maxwell By Max Goldberg The more time that you spend in the organic industry, the more you learn about what is truly going on and what you find is pretty scary. While I try to remain as optimistic as possible, the reality is that the organic industry… Read more »

GM Crops Threaten to Replace Natural Seeds

Daily Monitor By RICHARD MUGISHA It is alarming that the biotechnology industry and the governments that support them are pushing for Genetically Modified (GM) crops and food into Uganda without due regard to local communities’ livelihoods, bio-safety and democratic rights. GMOs such as genetically engineered maize, cotton and soya are rapidly finding their entry into… Read more »

GMO Food-Labels Measure to Be Filed

The Seattle Times By Melissa Allison A legislative initiative that would require food companies to label products containing genetically modified organisms is set to be filed Thursday with the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia. A similar measure was defeated by California voters last fall in a battle that pitted big and small businesses against… Read more »

General Mills Will Label GMOs on Products Nationwide

Alternet by Willy Blackmore, TakePart Source: USDA The company will follow the standards set by Vermont’s labeling law until a national standard is set. Vermont started a revolution, and its effects will soon spread across the country. No, we aren’t talking about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee but the 2014 law passed… Read more »

Maui May Become Hawaii’s Next Battlefield Over GMOs and Pesticides

Honolulu Civil Beat By Sophie Cocke The fight over genetically engineered crops and pesticides is shifting to Maui. Councilwoman Elle Cochran plans to submit a bill to the Maui County Council on Friday requiring agricultural companies to disclose details about their pesticide use to the county, while farmers would have to report any genetically altered… Read more »

Oregon Counties Ban Cultivation of GMO Crops

RT Despite the flood of corporate money poured into two small Oregon counties, local residents voted on Tuesday to ban genetically engineered crops from being planted within their borders. Although Jackson County itself is home to less than 120,000 registered voters, the measure to ban genetically modified crops (GMOs) made headlines around the nation when… Read more »

The Great Mexican Maize Massacre

Gene Giants Prepare the Genetic Wipe-out of One of the World’s Most Important Food Crops ETC Group Agribusiness giants Monsanto, DuPont and Dow are plotting the boldest coup of a global food crop in history. If their requests to allow a massive commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) maize are approved in the next two… Read more »

How California’s GM Food Referendum May Change What America Eats

The vast majority of Americans want genetically modified food labelled. If California passes November’s ballot, they could get it The Guardian (UK) by Richard Schiffman Last month, nearly 1m signatures were delivered to county registrars throughout California calling for a referendum on the labeling of genetically engineered foods. If the measure, “The Right to Know… Read more »

State of Fever: Monsanto’s GMO Policy Infecting All Levels of Government

By Will Fantle, Codirector From the Summer issue of The Cultivator From the USDA to foreign policy, Congress, state governments, elections and the courts, the feverish politics of genetically modified foods (GMOs) have infected decision making and dramatically tilted policies towards the desires of Monsanto and the Biotech industry. Candidate Barack Obama in 2008 promised… Read more »

Scientists State: There Is No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety

Bioscience Resource Project Jonathan Latham, PhD and Allison Wilson, PhD, The Bioscience Resource Project’s Executive Director and Science Director have joined over 90 other scientists, academics, and physicians in signing the Statement described in today’s European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) Press. There is no scientific consensus on the safety of… Read more »