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Cottage Cheese Report and Scorecard

Cottage Cheese Report

Cottage Cheese Scorecard Full Report Cottage Cheese at a Glance Press Release Cottage Cheese Scorecard Scoring Criteria The dairy case just got more crowded.  A resurgence in the cottage cheese market means more choice for consumers—and the end result isn’t so easy to digest. The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Weighing the Curds, provides dairy consumers with… Read more »

GMO-Friendly USDA Ogling Organic

Under Secretary’s Testimony Opens Discussion to “Enhance Organic Production” USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach recently made comments before the House Agriculture Subcommittee suggesting it is time to discuss the possible allowance of gene editing methods within organic production. USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach Source: USDA, Flickr Ibach’s words are in line with the Trump administration’s… Read more »

The Cornucopia Institute Examines Plant-Based Beverages

Advertising Promotes Them as a Health Food—But Are They? Cornucopia’s new report, “Pouring” Over Plant-Based Beverages, takes an in-depth look at what these beverages really offer consumers, how they are marketed, and how they compare to cow’s milk. Amid health concerns and dire climate crisis predictions, more consumers are buying plant-based beverages than ever before…. Read more »

Plant-Based Beverage Report and Scorecard

Plant-Based Beverage Report

Plant-Based Beverages Scorecard Full Report Plant-Based Beverages in a Nutshell Press Release Plant-based Beverage Scorecard Scoring Criteria The Cornucopia Institute’s report, “Pouring” Over Plant-Based Beverages, gives shoppers the information they need to decide whether plant-based beverages, cow’s milk, or a diet consisting of both best meets their individual needs and expectations. Because large beverage companies are… Read more »

Plant-Based Beverages in a Nutshell

What are plant-based beverages? Also known as “plant-based milk” or “plant milk,” plant-based beverages are manufactured by extracting plant material, such as seeds or grain, in water. They are often used as replacements for dairy milk. However, from the nutritive perspective, dairy milk and plant-based beverages are different types of food. Plant-based beverages: Can be… Read more »

Not Your Grandma’s Curds and Whey

Cottage Cheese, the Dairy Delight Said to be Making a Comeback [This article was previously published in the spring issue of  The Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter.] by Anne Ross, JD Director of International Policy at The Cornucopia Institute In the early 1970s, the average American ate five pounds of cottage cheese per year. Since then,… Read more »

Healthy, Nutritious, or Hype?

Evaluating the Hot Market for Plant-Based Beverages [This article was previously published in the winter issue of  The Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter.] by Anne Ross, JD Farm and Food Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute Source: Adobe Stock Sales of non-dairy, plant-based beverages are burgeoning. In 2010, only one-fifth of U.S. households purchased or consumed plant-based… Read more »

The Best Research Money Can Buy

Cornucopia’s Take: Cornucopia seeks to help eaters find research on what is healthy and what is not, and the task is harder than you might think. In the case of carrageenan, a thickener and emulsifier often used in processing plant-based beverages and other foods, we found a great deal of compelling evidence that carrageenan makes… Read more »

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in St. Paul, MN #NOSB

Join The Cornucopia Institute as we keep you informed via live tweet and web updates from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in St. Paul, MN October 24-26. We will be sharing the play by play both below and with our Twitter followers, at #NOSB or by simply following our stream. For background on issues up… Read more »

USDA Secretary to Organic Farmers: Get the Hell Out!

Cornucopia’s Take: That’s a real public servant! Bring legitimate complaints about cheating in organics to the USDA, and the Secretary of the agency suggests that you are a crybaby-socialist and should move out of the country. – Mark A. Kastel Trump’s USDA Is Killing Rules That Organic Food Makers Want Bloomberg by Andrew Martin and Shruti… Read more »