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Regenerative Organic Certification is Coming Soon

Source: USDA, Flickr Despite recent news that studies show organic food is worse for the environment due to land-use concerns, real organic farming is based on regenerative principles. Researchers at the Rodale Institute have shown that if all farms and ranches used regenerative organic techniques (practices premised on supporting soil health), global carbon emissions could… Read more »

Impossible Burger Poses as Environmentally Responsible

The Cornucopia Institute is neutral in terms of people’s dietary choices. Our supporters’ dietary choices range from omnivores, vegetarians who consume dairy and eggs, vegans, to 100% raw. Source: Jon Fisher, Flickr But we are not neutral in terms of the quality of the food we recommend. The Impossible Burger is a plant-based and vegan… Read more »

Thousand Hills

NOTE: PCC Community Markets in the Seattle, WA area sells Thousand Hills organic beef (and not the brand’s conventional products). Thousand Hills only sells a limited amount of certified organic product and this score reflects only those organic products. They say: “Founded in 2003, Thousand Hills works with 50 family farms across the U.S. to raise Lifetime… Read more »

What’s Up with Organics?

Cornucopia’s Take: John Ikerd is a policy advisor to The Cornucopia Institute and a leading figure in the sustainability revolution. The author of six books and a Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri, he contends that soil is the “very foundation of authentic organic production.” by John Ikerd John Ikerd How can crops… Read more »

Labels 101: Decoding Labels Built on the Organic Seal

man inspecting a grain crop

What it means to be ROP and ROC certified [This article was previously published in the summer issue of the Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter. Donate today to protect organic integrity and receive our fall issue in print.] By Michele Marchetti and Kestrel Burcham At Oatman Farms, Dax Hansen is putting his faith in eaters who… Read more »

Dr. Bronner’s Announces Resignation From the Organic Trade Association

Cornucopia’s Take:  The Organic Trade Association’s critical, behind the scenes lobbying for the toothless GMO labeling bill passed by Congress continues to cause fallout for the lobbying group from ethical companies that feel betrayed. Escalates Commitment to Organic Agriculture and Other Causes Dr. Bronner’s, North America’s leading natural brand of soap and organic body care… Read more »

Farmers Rewarded for Practicing ‘Carbon Farming’

EcoWatch by Cole Mellino Source: USDA NRCS South Dakota Soils naturally absorb and sequester carbon dioxide and following organic practices, such as adding compost and bringing back herds of grazing animals, can make a huge difference in how much carbon dioxide soils can retain. In 2007, a California rancher, John Wick and his partners at the… Read more »

Experts Agree: Organic Farming Is Revolutionary

It’s time to get back to the roots of farming to save the planet. Rodale News by Julia Westbrook Credit: Dorothea Lang via Wikimedia Commons “Organic” is just another word for “expensive.” It’s a joke bandied about in supermarkets, illustrating that people are widely unaware of the connection between the contents of their carts and its… Read more »