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Track the Fireworks at the USDA Organics Meeting in TX #NOSB

Last update: 12:47 p.m., May 2 Join the Cornucopia Institute as we live tweet from the National Organic Standards Board meeting in San Antonio, Texas. We will be sharing the play by play with our Twitter followers under #NOSB or simply follow our stream. If you’re not already following us on Twitter please do so here…. Read more »

Leaving a Sour Taste: Conventional “Yogurt” Masquerades as Health Food While Organic Keeps It Real

This article is based on Cornucopia’s forthcoming yogurt report and scorecard. Find both later this spring on our website. Yogurt, made the traditional way, is one of nature’s many health foods. Milk from organic grass-fed cows, rich in calcium, protein, beneficial fats and other healthy nutrients, is fermented using live cultures, resulting in a wholesome,… Read more »

USDA Power Grab

[A version of this story originally appeared in The Cultivator, The Cornucopia Institute’s quarterly print publication available to members and online.] National Organic Program Guts Synthetic Materials Decision-Making Process By Will Fantle The USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) stands accused of a power grab due to changing a fundamental decision-making process impacting organic food and agriculture. Miles… Read more »

How To Find the Safest Organic Infant Formula

By Charlotte Vallaeys Some of my favorite memories of my sons as babies (which was not that long ago—they are 2 and 4 years old) involve breastfeeding.  It is a truly magical and priceless bonding experience.  And for someone who loves good, “real” food as much as I do, there could be nothing more satisfying… Read more »

Busting the “Organic Is Expensive” Myth

The Cost of Organic Food Is Worth It and—Surprise—It’s Not Always Higher By Charlotte Vallaeys “Organic food is too expensive.” It’s a complaint we, as organic farmers and advocates, hear all too often. And we’ve practiced and often repeated our defense of organic food’s higher price tag: it’s worth every extra penny in terms of… Read more »

Fed Shutdown Forces Cease-Fire in Organic War: USDA Louisville Meeting Canceled

Organic Advocates Railing Against Industry/Obama Administration Power Grab As collateral damage spreads, with Congress continuing at loggerheads over a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government, the newest victims include farmers and consumers who depend on the USDA to oversee the propriety and integrity of the organic industry. In a unique regulatory structure, Congress created… Read more »

Unbelievable! USDA Power Grab Should Not Go Unchallenged

(This Action Alert is Over) USDA violates the Organic Foods Production Act Draft rule on carrageenan, cellulose and “inert” synthetics in pesticides disregards decisions by the National Organic Standards Board Comment before Monday, June 3, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET Political corruption and power grabs usually happen behind closed doors. The Cornucopia Institute has consistently… Read more »

The Cultivator – Spring 2013

The Spring issue of Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter is now available online. Download it in PDF form: Cultivator Spring 2013 In it you’ll find: Cover story: USDA Organic Program: Schizophrenic? Editorial: Whose “Science” Should We Trust? News: State GMO Actions Multiply After Prop 37 Preview: Carrageenan: The “Natural” Food Additive That’s Making Us Sick Feature: Toxic… Read more »

FDA Puts Industry Profit Over Public Health – Defends Safety of Controversial Food Additive

The Cornucopia Institute Releases Report Formally Requests Removal of Carrageenan from List of Allowed Additives Cornucopia, WI – The Cornucopia Institute formally requested that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remove the common additive carrageenan from the US food supply. Last year the FDA rejected a 2008 citizen petition, which presented scientific studies linking carrageenan… Read more »