Photo Gallery: Burns Poultry (Herbrucks)

Mulligan, Michigan (August 15, 2014)

A blow-up of these houses reveals minute, approximately 8x30 foot fenced-in areas next to each house. With thousands of birds in each facility if any were actually ever outside (none were visible at 1:47 PM, August 15, 2014) there wouldn’t be any vegetation, which appears to be intact in each space.Our attorneys tell us that "all laws mean something." You can have a fire exit from the second story of the building without a stairway leading to the ground. If you have to have your seatbelt “on” that presumes that it’s going to be fastened correctly. If you are going to afford outdoor access to organic livestock, as required by law, presumably, if we end up having to test this in court, it would have to be a large enough space not to make a mockery of the requirement.Furthermore, even if the doors were open, chickens from more than a few feet away from a means of egress are not going to walk over their flockmates to try to get outdoors, even if they could fit into the space. Effectively, almost all the birds in these buildings have absolutely no "access to the outdoors."

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