Organic Egg Report/Scorecard FAQ

Where can I find brand x eggs listed on your scorecard? We are working on collecting information from participants regarding specific stores and regions where they sell their eggs.  Click on the name of the farm/brand on the scorecard and more information will appear.

Did you ask the participants of your egg survey about pullet confinement? I would like to know when you asked about whether all birds were allowed access to the outdoors, if you specifically asked about pullet confinement.  Confining pullets is a commonplace practice and may not have been disclosed when responding to that question. Yes, all laying hens have access to outdoors (required by NOP rule), but unless specifically requested, the practice of confining pullets may not have been disclosed. We did not ask about pullet confinement, and agree wholeheartedly that pullet confinement is a big problem.  In fact, we found that pullet confinement was a major factor determining whether the hens go outside, even if given the opportunity.

I get my eggs/milk from X Farm at my farmer’s market, do you have any information on them? We focused on brands that are available in stores, since it is much harder for consumers to get an accurate picture of how these foods are produced. At farmers’ markets, consumers can connect directly with the producer, and ask questions about how the food was produced.  If consumers are interested in the story behind their food, we encourage them to ask the producers at farmers markets directly.

The website for Glaum eggs seem to contradict the ratings for them on your scorecard  – who’s right?  We contacted Glaum Egg Ranch multiple times, asking them to share information about their egg production practices. They did not respond to our repeated inquiries, which is why they are rated at the bottom.  Consumers who pay a premium for organic foods expect transparency about how those foods were produced.  When a company is unresponsive to our requests for sharing this “story behind the food” with us, it raises a red flag.  We would be happy to rate Glaum higher if they participate in our study by responding to our survey questions.  We encourage consumers to contact companies that have not participated, and urge them to fill out the Cornucopia survey.

Do you differentiate in your study between companies who do/do not engage in the practice of killing the male chicks upon birth? This is a concern raised by several individuals, when we update our scorecard we will consider adding this question and adding it as a criteria in the scorecard.