The produce section at Jimbo's
Photo courtesy of Jimbo’s

With four locations in San Diego County, Jimbo’s is an organic shopper’s utopia.

Its produce section is 100% USDA certified organic. Its aisles feature some of the highest quality organic food in the marketplace, including many of the top-rated brands on Cornucopia’s Organic Scorecards. And a commitment to local businesses and farms like J.R. Organics, underscored by a “Support San Diego” label, makes it easy to shop local.

Their non-negotiable product standards assure shoppers that preference will be given to “those products that contain organic ingredients.” In fact, Jimbo’s has wielded its influence to persuade manufacturers to remove suspect ingredients from their foods and has encouraged many producers to pursue organic certification.

The resources Jimbo’s provides are as important as its exceptional inventory. Its new S.O.I.L. Program alerts consumers to brands practicing regenerative organic agriculture (the brands must be certified organic for their application to be approved). And, under another relatively new program, in-store signage highlights “hydroponically grown” produce, enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

If you happen to spot a Cultivator in a Jimbo’s store, thank them for sharing our work and upholding transparency and integrity in the food system.