Aurora’s Surrogate Heifer Ranch

calf hutches
Calf Hutches—Massive Scale
awe inspiring scale
City of Calf Hutches
bottle carts
On large farms are the animals treated with respect and managed to promote their natural instinctive behaviors?
more calves
These young ones will live their lives without a name—Just a Number.
dead calves
Dead calves.
feedlot cows
Feedlot conditions exist on many of the suspect factory farms—pasture is required for organic certification.
cattle at trough
Cattle purchased at auction from many, many different dairy farms are all brought together risking the spread of disease.
cattle fed from a trough
Cattle are fed out of a trough instead of gaining some of their nourishment, naturally, from eating fresh grass and other forages on pasture.
long bunk
Long Bunks for feeding and labor efficiency.
well full pen
Having animals in close proximity cuts down on labor and other expenses.
loading bunk
The economy of scale allows large farms to feed grains and highly refined feed using TMR (totally mixed rations) equipment. In conjunction with migrant and hired labor, this gives massive farms a competitive advantage over family-scale organic operations.