Aerial view of the Aurora “Organic” Dairy (Click here for full screen view)
Aurora “Organic” Dairy
Conventional or Organic – This Is a Factory Farm
Cows Bellied up to the Feed Trough for Breakfast
Cattle Grazing the Wide, Open Spaces of Colorado
Scrub Grass (What Some Might Call Pasture) and Mountains of Manure—an Environmental Liability
This Is Not What Loyal Organic Consumers Envision of When You Say, “Organic Dairy Farm”
Railroad cars and truckloads of feed arrive at factory farms to be processed into “totally mixed rations” or TMR feed. Sustainable organic farms produce their own feed, much from pasture, and recycle the nutrients (manure) back on the same fields.
Strong Fences Make Good Neighbors and in This Case—Confined Cows
Aurora raised $18.5 million in equity to convert their farm in Colorado, another in Texas and to build this milk bottling plant.