Wendell Berry Willing to Go to Jail to Fight Animal ID Program (NAIS)

Agripulse recorded organic farming theologian Wendell Berry suggesting that the USDA’s NAIS program is a conspiracy by the industrial livestock industry to cover up their improprieties. He closes by saying he would be willing to go to jail to resist these regulations in order to protect family farming opportunities for the next generation. Powerful!

What Makes Milk Organic? New Standard Proposed

When consumers pay top dollar for organic milk, they know they’re getting dairy that’s free of synthetic growth hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Now there’s a move to ensure cows are feeding on plenty of fresh grass if producers want to label the milk as organic.

Frank Coelho on the Organic Milk Industry in California

Mark Kastel visited Frank Coelho’s farm this spring when he was doing the investigation of the Fagundes Brothers dairy near Modesto.  While Fagundes Brothers were confining their 3000 cows in feedlots that were truly filthy (see our photo gallery) the Coelho family had their 450 cows out on grass — proving you can do organics… Read more »