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National Organic Standards Board Meeting Report — Tucson, April 2018

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Expert Advisory Panel Addresses Imports Fraud and Biodiversity Conservation Fraudulent organic imports and the industrial model of production under the organic seal is hurting the profitability of organic family farmers. Two panels focused on options for better oversight. Despite increased documentation of fraud, the National Organic Program is still lacking systems to monitor imports. The National Organic Standards Board made a formal recommendation to protect native ecosystems from conversion into organic production, a project Cornucopia

Unreleased FDA Testing Reveals Glyphosate in Common Household Foods

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Cornucopia’s Take: As glyphosate is sprayed on corn, soy, wheat, and oat crops in rising amounts, it is finding its way into cereals, crackers, and many other products on grocery store shelves. Unfortunately, the FDA is under no obligation to share their full findings with public, unless the public files a freedom of information request, as The Guardian has done. The FDA official report will be released in late 2018 or early 2019. Glyphosate is

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Tucson, AZ #NOSB

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Last Updated: April 27 at 6:08PM CT Join The Cornucopia Institute as we live tweet from the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Tucson, Arizona. We will be sharing the play by play with our Twitter followers under #NOSB or simply follow our stream. For background on issues up for discussion at the meeting, see: Cornucopia’s formal written comments on regulating organic imports, emergency use of parasiticides, and preserving native ecosystems A scorecard rating NOSB

European Study Concludes GMO-Organic Coexistence is a Sham

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Cornucopia’s Take: The USDA insists that coexistence between GMO and organic crops is necessary, and they have provided guidance for organic farmers to lessen GMO contamination of their crops, effectively putting the onus on the victims of unwelcome DNA drift. There are crops (i.e. alfalfa) that have a pollination radius of five miles, making it essentially impossible to prevent the trespass of unwanted DNA.  In Europe, it appears that even when GMO purveyors foot the

Inexpensive Technology Can Spot Fake Organic Milk – Will the USDA Look?

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Cornucopia’s Take: Spectroscopy offers hope for truly organic dairy farmers. It provides a fast and inexpensive way to show, scientifically, whether milk comes from cows pastured on grass. Cornucopia has, in the past, filed numerous complaints against “organic” livestock operations who are in our judgement flouting the organic pasture rules.  This is based on flyover images and other information we gather from industry sources. Even when we get the USDA to further investigate, they have prearranged