Cornucopia’s Take: Nutrition is crucial to health. However, few doctors can advise you about how to eat well as most never benefited from studying nutrition even though their patron saint Hippocrates is known to have said “Let thy food be thy medicine.”  But this may be changing as some schools of medicine now include cooking curriculum in their programs.

If Doctors Learned To Cook, They Might Give Better Advice
by Christina Farr

Is your doctor your go-to for nutrition advice? Neither is mine. And why would I expect that?

Fewer than a quarter of doctors say they’ve had sufficient training to provide nutritional advice to their patients, according to recent polls. We all know about the Hippocratic oath, but there’s that other thing Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine.”

For the American medical profession to live up to that, there’d have to be more than one doctor in the country widely known for prescribing broccoli. Most medical schools aren’t particularly dedicated to teaching their students about food.

That’s beginning to change, though, as schools like Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans start thinking differently.

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