Pastured Poultry Talk
by Mike Badger
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Listen to the interview here.

Mike interviews Mark Kastel of Cornucopia Institute to discuss the Institute’s report “Scrambled Eggs: Separating Factory Farm Egg Production from Authentic Organic Agriculture.” The gold standard in organic egg production, according to Mark, is smaller, pasture-raised flocks, and these are the farms that earn the coveted 5-egg rating in the accompanying egg scorecard.

At about 14 minutes, Mark starts drawing a distinction between pasture-raised and enhanced outdoor access. Enhanced outdoor access (a 4 egg rating), he says, is what mainstream organic consumers think they’re getting, but the prevailing marketplace reality is not even close.

This short interview will give you insights into the organic egg production, but the full report is recommended reading as it demonstrates a understanding of pasture-raised in the context of the issues facing farmers.

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