The Spring issue of Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter is now available online. Download it in PDF form: Cultivator Spring 2013
In it you’ll find:

  • Cover story: USDA Organic Program: Schizophrenic?
  • Editorial: Whose “Science” Should We Trust?
  • News: State GMO Actions Multiply After Prop 37
  • Preview: Carrageenan: The “Natural” Food Additive That’s Making Us Sick
  • Feature: Toxic Soup – Ag Chemicals Pose Special Risks to Children’s Health
  • People: EcoFarm Honors Cornucopia President Steve Sprinkel
  • Policy: Bioplastic Mulches Approved for Use in Organic Farming
  • Legal update: Farmers vs. Monsanto; Almond Lawsuit Setback
  • Farmer Profile: Organic Ozarks – Sweden Creek Farm

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