BREAKING NEWS: Supporters of the food safety legislation HR 2749 sought to push the bill forward without amendments and only 40 minutes of debate. Their effort failed Wednesday afternoon to get the needed 2/3rds vote for this maneuver. To view a short news story on this, click here. Stay tuned for what comes next.

This week, as soon as Tuesday, the House will vote on HR 2749 — the Food Safety Enhancement Act.

We strongly encourage you to call or email your Representative as soon as possible and ask that they support the Farr-Kaptur amendment to HR 2749.

New food safety legislation should not penalize or threaten the nation’s organic and local, sustainable farmers. While we believe that it is not the intent of new food safety legislation to harm these producers, the Farr-Kaptur amendment helps protect organic, local and diverse family farmers by clarifying the legislative intent of HR 2749.

For a further summary of the Farr-Kaptur provisions, click here.

If you need to find contact information for your elected Representative, click here.

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