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 (And a huge thank you to the 5000 of you who signed and sent in proxy letters, with many including your personal comments.  We have delivered these to the FDA.)

The FDA’s new food safety rules have the real potential
to force some of the nation’s safest local
and organic farms out of business!

There is a critical need for the good food community to come together right now. Please sign and mail back the linked proxy-letter today!

(Mail your proxy to The Cornucopia Institute, PO Box 126, Cornucopia, WI 54827)

(Cornucopia’s Whitepaper summarizing the proposed Food Safety Rules.)

In response to deadly outbreaks Congress acted decisively three years ago to pass the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Giant factory farms and uninspected imports are, literally, poisoning U.S. citizens. Better oversight is needed but it looks like regulators and corporate agribusiness are using the FSMA to competitively crush the organic and local farming movements at the same time.

Unfortunately, the FDA’s draft regulations designed to implement the new law appear to ignore the will of Congress. Instead, the regulations would ensnare the country’s safest family farmers in burdensome regulations. A second FDA guidance proposal, with the intent of controlling salmonella in eggs, could force local and organic farms to confine their chickens — just like the factory farms responsible for causing massive disease outbreaks.

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Please make a difference by printing out your proxy, customizing on the back with your personal comments and mailing it back to Cornucopia today!

To become an expert drill down deeper…

…by reading Cornucopia’s evaluation of the scientific literature, presented to the FDA, which demonstrates that eggs from organic outdoor flocks are actually safer, in terms of salmonella contamination, than massive flocks kept in giant buildings and confined to cages.

…or by reading the formal comments of one of our collaborators, Daniel Cohen, president of Maccabee Seed Company. Mr. Cohen poignantly points out the deficiencies in the FDA proposals, what he calls the “food safety circus,” and offers science-based solutions to pathogenetic contamination rather than politically motivated “answers” that benefit corporate agribusiness.

And more information:

  • Cornucopia’s Whitepaper summarizing the proposed Food Safety Rules (UPDATE: Sept. 19)
  • Link to Cornucopia’s talking points to assist in writing your personal comments
  • Link to the FDA’s proposed Food Safety Modernization Act web page
  • Link to the FDA’s proposed guidance on outdoor access for poultry
  • Link to analysis of the FDA’s regulatory food safety power on small farms

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