Full Circle Community Farm

Product offeringsRetail cuts, ground, whole, half
Market areaLocally in WI, farm store, online
LocationSeymour, WI
Specialty labels100% grass fed, diversified
Participated in Survey?Yes
Total Score1080

They write: “Here, cows graze on perennial pastures of clover, grasses and other plants. They are rotationally grazed, which means that they are given full, fresh pasture every day in blocks. This promotes the best health for the pasture and the cattle. The bacteria in a cow’s gut is adapted to break down the cellulose in green plants. If fed grains (like corn, fed to 97% of the cows out there), a large part of the normal bacteria die and have to be slowly replaced with ones that are unnatural to them. This in turn negatively affects the cow’s health. Grain also has a much higher percentage of Omega 6 fatty acids than pasture, which is high in Omega-3s, a good fat that Americans are lacking in their heavy grain diet. Most Americans eat both starch heavy and meat heavy diets with very few fresh fruits and veggies. Think about it, a processed diet double doses on the grain, both a direct dose, and the one that we get through the grain eating animal that is the meat.”

This farm is certified by the Real Organic Project:

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TOTAL (possible score is 1100) 1080
Farms that participated in Cornucopia’s research providing full transparency receive the most points.
Transparency and Disclosure
100Superb transparency
Family farms and farmer cooperatives that market their own beef receive the most points. Corporations that do not directly produce any beef receive the fewest points.
Ownership History
Beef sourced from a single operation receives the most points. Beef of unclear origins and/or with poor oversight receives the fewest points.
Beef Supply
100Single-farm/ranch source
Farms that are 100% certified organic receive the most points, farms/brands that are split conventional and organic receive fewer points.
Commitment to Organics
100Committed to organic label
This category is non-scoring and provided for information purposes.
Organic Certifier
Animal Welfare Approved, Real Organic Project, and Biodynamic certifications receive the most bonus points. Producers are not penalized for not having additional certifications beyond organic.
Other Labels and Standards
100Real Organic Project, working on other labels
100% grass-fed and finished or cattle finished with site-grown supplement receives the most points. Cattle finished exclusively in a feedlot receive the fewest points.
Beef Finishing
100100% grass fed, likely finished on pasture
Points are awarded for quantity of time cattle are on pasture above and beyond what the USDA requires, and for the quality and care of the pasture.
Pasture and Grazing Management
100Rotational grazing management, appear to care for pastures
Brands that closely monitor and manage for health of soil, native species, and water quality receive the most points.
Environmental Stewardship
90Makes significant efforts and follows multiple indicators toward good land stewardship
Cattle finished on pasture or on feed that is grown on-farm or procured locally receive the most points. Feed of unknown origin, or known to be imported, receives the fewest points.
Feed Sourcing
90Most of the feed grown on-site, small amount form local supplier
Lower cull and death rates recieve more points.
Cull and Death Rates
100Below 5%
More points are given for greater frequency of contact and close management with cattle and closed herds.
100Good oversight, closed herd
Brands may receive extra credit for above and beyond transparency, or special practices not otherwise covered in the scorecard (see description for an explanation).
Extra credit