Abbotsford (Michael Foods)

Total Score0

Brands with this rating are generally produced on industrial-scale operations that grant no meaningful outdoor access. “Outdoor access” on these operations may mean a covered porch that is not even accessible to every individual chicken. Often, doors leading out of the buildings are intentionally small to discourage birds from going outside. No producers in this category were willing to participate in Cornucopia research and reliable information was difficult for our investigators to find. In general, industrial-organic brands prefer their practices to be kept in the dark.

Ownership Structure0
Average Flock Size0
Single or Double Henhouses0
Other Certifications (bonus points)0
Organic Certifier0
Commitment to Organics0
Indoor Space per Bird0
Indoor Enrichments0
Litter Management0
Natural Light0
Outdoor Space per Bird0
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors0
Outdoor Enrichments0
Outdoor Space Exemptions0
Outdoor Management System0
Manure Handling System0
Forced Molting0
Beak Trimming0
Laying Hen Lifespan0
Use of Spent Hens0
Death Loss Rate0
Pullet Access to Outdoors0
Feed Produced on Farm0
US Grown Feed0
Soy in Feed0
Synthetic Amino Acids0
Disclosure Rate0