Butcher cutting up a beef carcass

Why Processors Matter

In July, the Biden administration issued the Executive Order Promoting Competition in the American Economy, directing the USDA and other federal agencies to develop strategies to improve competition in agricultural markets. Cornucopia responded to the USDA’s request for feedback...

10 Reasons to Buy Authentic Organic Beef 

10 Reasons to Buy Authentic Organic Beef 

From flavor to nutrition, authentic organic beef is a completely different product from the industrial beef that dominates supermarket shelves and treats the environment like a never-ending roll of shrink wrap. Authentic organic beef producers raising high-qualify beef deserve...

Organic Beef at a Glance

Organic Beef at a Glance

What is organic beef? The destructive nature of industrial meat production casts a long, harmful shadow. But authentic organic beef production deserves our collective support. This farming system actually contributes to the public good, providing ecosystem services and supporting...

Health Advantages of Organic Beef

Health Advantages of Organic Beef

We’ve all been there. Faced with the range of beef choices available on the retail shelf, the simple act of deciding what’s for dinner turns into a rumination on the short- and long-term impact of our food choices. Add...

organic cows on pasture

Why Breeds Matter

The future of cattle lies in its genetic diversity By Marianne Landzettel Ninety-nine percent of the roughly nine million Holstein dairy cows in the US can be traced back to two bulls that were born in the ‘60s, according...

cows in a barn

The Price We Pay

Considering the True Cost of Industrial Beef By Kestrel Burcham The environmental impact of beef production may be the thorniest topic discussed in food circles today. Conflicting messaging only complicates matters. One way to weigh the implications of your...


Hot on the Tracks of Organic Beef Fraud

A look into our work investigating whistleblower complaints. By Kestrel Burcham In 2018, Cornucopia received a complaint concerning potential organic fraud in beef that was worth investigating. From the outset, this appeared to be a case where cattle were...

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