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Brand Name Baby's Only Organic
Rating (4)     Baby's Only Organic (Nature's One)

Company Nature's One
Location Columbus, OH
Products toddler formula
Dairy Rating (4)    
Market Area USA, S. Korea, Mexico
Web Site

Baby’s Only® is the one formula on the market which sources all organic ingredients when they are available, which is especially important given that their customers are babies and toddlers. It is the only formula on the market that does not contain hexane-extracted soy lecithin and hexane-extracted algal and fungal DHA and ARA oils that have been linked to severe side effects in some babies.

They purchase soy protein from a company that never uses hexane. Our research also indicates that their soy protein supplier purchases only North American-grown soybeans, although the supplier was unwilling to fully disclose their sourcing information.

They write:

“Nature’s One® is the leader in organic medical foods.™ With its distinguished position in the medical food industry, Nature’s One® nationally distributed the first organic baby formula (dairy) nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, the company expanded its organic product line in the U.S. and global market by developing the first organic soy formula, organic lactose free (milk-based) formula, organic complete nutritional beverage for children, electrolyte maintenance solution made with organic ingredients, and a natural and hexane-free DHA & ARA fatty acid and Probiotic supplement.

Nature’s One® is committed to providing organic pediatric products that help insure a child’s normal growth and development. Its products are formulated using proven medical and nutritional science. Ingredient standards extend beyond “organic” insuring the highest nutritional quality of any leading brand. Parents can rest assured Baby’s Only Organic® formulas, PediaVance® electrolytes, and PediaSmart® nutritional beverages contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Because only wholesome ingredients are sourced, no hexane processed DHA, hydrogenated fats, palm olein oil, nor corn syrup will ever appear on product labels. With a grassroots mindset, Nature’s One® honors the founding principals of organics.”


Baby’s Only® does not contain Martek’s hexane-extracted algal DHA and fungal ARA oils. The DHA and ARA in their formula are water-extracted from organic egg yolks.

If you are giving your baby infant formula, and he or she experiences adverse reactions such as explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, excessive gas or other gastrointestinal symptoms (and switching formula has not brought relief), your baby may be reacting to the algal DHA (Crypthecodinium cohnii oil) and fungal ARA (Mortierella alpina oil) oils in infant formula including Earth’s Best®, Similac® Organic and Vermont Organics®. Baby’s Only® does not contain these potentially harmful additives, and may relieve your baby’s symptoms. Please consult your pediatrician.

For more information on hexane-extracted DHA and ARA oils in infant formula, see The Cornucopia Institute’s report “Replacing Mother – Imitating Human Breastmilk in the Laboratory.” Available for free download at

If your baby experienced adverse reactions to algal DHA and fungal ARA in infant formula, please file an adverse reaction report with the FDA’s Medwatch program (, and send a copy of your report to [email protected] so that The Cornucopia Institute can document these side effects.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 70 Privately Owned
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases 100 100% Organic Purchases
Disclosure of Information for Verification 100 Full and open disclosure
Organic Certifier 100 OneCert
Organic Product Line 100 100% Organic Products
Manufacturing 100 All manufacturing done in-house
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships 60 Company purchases soybeans from a company that claims to provide only North American soybeans, but these claims could not be verified
Prevention of GMO contamination 80 occasional third party testing for US market
Flavors 75 75% organic, 25% non-organic
Soy Lecithin 100 100% organic
Total (out of 1000) 885 FOUR BEANS (Excellent)