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Brand Name Silk
Rating (0)    

Company Dean Foods
Location Broomfield, CO
Products soy beverage
Dairy Rating Company received a zero dairy rating or did not respond
Market Area nationwide
Web Site

Silk® is manufactured by WhiteWave, which is part of Dean Foods, the largest dairy agribusiness corporation in the country. Dean Foods also owns Horizon Organic, which produces milk on organic factory farms that allegedly violate the organic standards by denying adequate outdoor access to their cows, among other alleged improprieties.

There have been long-standing reports of Silk® purchasing organic soybeans from international sources, including China. They have recently announced that they will no longer purchase soybeans from abroad, but would not participate in this project and are unwilling to share their sourcing information so there is no way to confirm this information.

Silk® is also moving away from organics altogether, manufacturing more and more conventional products instead of organic. If you enjoy their products, we would encourage you to contact the company and ask them to participate in the Cornucopia research study and scorecard.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 0
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases 0
Disclosure of Information for Verification 0
Organic Certifier 0
Organic Product Line 0
Manufacturing 0
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships 0
Prevention of GMO contamination 0
Flavors 0
Soy Lecithin 0
Total (out of 1000) 0 ZERO BEANS