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Brand Name Trader Joe's private label
Rating (2)    

Company Trader Joe's
Location Monrovia, CA
Products soymilk, tofu, and many more products containing soy
Dairy Rating Company received a zero dairy rating or did not respond
Market Area 23 states, D.C. and online
Web Site

Trader Joe’s is one of the few grocery store companies with private label soyfoods to participate in our project, but did not share sourcing information, so the soybeans used in their soymilk, tofu and other soyfoods could not be traced.

The fact that so many of the survey questions remained unanswered is indicative of an inherent problem with store-brand, or “private-label,” products. Organic consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and how it was produced, but store brand products are anonymous in nature. The company – in this case, Trader Joe’s – does not itself manufacture these products and therefore has less control over the sourcing of the soybeans, the ingredients used, etc. than a brand name company that does its own sourcing and manufacturing.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 70 Privately owned
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases 60 20% organic, 80% Non-GMOs, no GMOs
Disclosure of Information for Verification 50 Partial disclosure; no sourcing information
Organic Certifier 75 QAI
Organic Product Line 60 10% organic, 10% made with organic, 80% non-GMO
Manufacturing 0 copackers not identified
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships 0 copackers not identified
Prevention of GMO contamination 70 occasional testing on finished product
Flavors 0 no answer
Soy Lecithin 0 no answer
Total (out of 1000) 385 TWO BEANS (Good)