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Brand Name Wildwood
Rating (4)     Wildwood (Pulmuone Wildwood Inc.)

Company Pulmuone Wildwood Inc.
Location Fullerton, CA
Products tofu, tofu veggie patties, soy yogurt, cultured soy drink, soymilk, soymilk creamer
Dairy Rating Company does not sell dairy products
Market Area USA and Canada
Web Site

Wildwood® was founded by one of the original pioneers of the American soyfoods movement, and has since merged with a Korean corporation to form Wildwood Pulmuone. Wildwood Pulmuone provided full and open disclosure. They source both domestic and Chinese organic soybeans. Their Chinese soybeans are grown on farms that are closely inspected by Wildwood Pulmuone representatives to ensure that farmers follow the USDA organic standards. Wildwood Pulmuone also maintained a long-standing relationship with a Midwestern organic farmer.

They write:

Pulmuone Wildwood is a newly integrated company combining the business activities of Pulmuone USA and Wildwood Natural Foods. Each of the entities have a long history in natural vegetarian foods, over 75 years combined.

Pulmuone began as a cooperative organic farming effort in 1955 in Korea and is known for its commitment to pure foods. In 1995 its founder received the United Nations Global 500 award for Environmental Achievement for his work in organic agriculture in Korea.

Wildwood began as a small, vegetarian deli in 1978 in San Francisco. It developed into the leading premier natural and organic tofu and flavored tofu company on the West Coast and recently expanding into dairy alternative soy products. Its founders remain supporters of the business still today.

Pulmuone Wildwood integrates the assets of the two companies in the United States and focuses them on manufacturing and marketing the highest quality natural, vegetarian products with a particular focus on tofu, value added tofu and cultured soy products.

Pulmuone is the largest manufacturer of Tofu products in the world.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 60 98% owned by Pulmuone Ltd. of South Korea
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases 60 80% organic, 20% non-organic, non-GMO
Disclosure of Information for Verification 100 full and open disclosure
Organic Certifier 85 QAI, OTCO and IDALS
Organic Product Line 60 75% Organic, 5% ""made with organic"" and 20% non-GMO
Manufacturing 98 Some products are manufactured in-house, some products are manufactured by a copacker with full sourcing information
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships 56 Company sources both domestic and Chinese soybeans. Company representatives inspect farms in China. Long-term relationships with American farmer suppliers.
Prevention of GMO contamination 80 company tests occasionally and has internal monitoring program in place
Flavors 75 50% organic flavors and extracts, 50% non-organic natural flavors
Soy Lecithin 97 non-organic soy lecithin in soymilk creamer
Total (out of 1000) 771 FOUR BEANS (Excellent)