Brand NameRatingOrganic IngredientsCarrageenan FreeScore
5-Toothbrush | Exemplary
Dr. Bronner's All-One ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend100% organic ingredientsYes1200
Blisque ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Radius OrganicHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Green People Toothpaste (Kids)High percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Mint Sweet Orange ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Green People ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Happy Teeth Toothpaste OrganicHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
Miessence ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1200
4-Toothbrush rating | Excellent
Weleda ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1160
Face Naturals Tooth CleanserHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
Herbal Choice Mari Natural Tooth GelHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
Krista's Natural Products ToothpasteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
Dirty Mouth Primal ToothpowderHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
Tooth & Gum PowderHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1150
OraWellness Shine Tooth Whitening PowderHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1150
Jack N' Jill Natural ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1110
The Dirt MCT Oil ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1110
Nelson Naturals ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1110
Real Purity ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1110
Arganat ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1100
Uncle Harry's Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1100
3-Toothbrush rating | Very Good
Logodent Naturkosmetic Kids Dental GelSome organic ingredientsYes1060
Dr. BriteHigh percentage of organic ingredientsYes1050
Active Wow Activated Charcoal ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1010
TruthPaste Natural ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes1010
Just the Goods Vegan ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1000
The Peelu Co. ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1000
Thieves ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1000
Redmond Earthpaste ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes1000
2-Toothbrush rating | Fair
Logodent Naturkosmetik Oral careSome organic ingredientsNo960
Healthy Home Company ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes910
Healing Scents ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes900
Coral White ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes900
PerioBriteNo organic ingredientsYes900
Lavera ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes860
Hello ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes860
Neem Toothpaste by TheraNeem NaturalsSome organic ingredientsYes810
IPSAB Whitening ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes810
Kids Neem Toothpaste by TheraNeem NaturalsSome organic ingredientsNo810
Claybrite ToothpateNo organic ingredientsYes800
VMV Hypoallergenics Essence ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo800
Babyganics Fluoride-Free ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes800
Grants of Australia Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes800
David's Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo800
Dr. Collins Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes800
Nature's Gate ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes800
Treehouse By Natureclean ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo800
Res-Q-Dent Natural Gel ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes800
Tom's of MaineSome organic ingredientsNo750
Trader Joe's All Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo750
Natural Dentist ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes750
1-Toothbrush rating | Poor
Honest Toothpaste (Kids)Some organic ingredientsNo710
Honest ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsNo710
Desert Essence ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo700
Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo700
On Guard Natural WhiteningNo organic ingredientsNo700
Auromere Ayruvedic Herbal ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo700
Vita-Myr ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo700
Dental GelNo organic ingredientsYes700
Tea Tree Toothpaste by Tea Tree TherapyNo organic ingredientsNo700
Xyli White ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo700
Theodent, Chocolate ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes700
Cleure ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes700
Organic Doctor or Dr. Organic ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes660
Dr. Zenni Gum Project ToothpasteSome organic ingredientsYes660
Spry Dental Defense ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes650
Dr. Ken's All-Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo650
Perfect Smile Fluoride-Free coQ10 ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes600
Natural WhiteningNo organic ingredientsNo600
Branam Kids ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes600
Botanique Neem and Pomegranate ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo600
Skin Dr MiBA ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes600
Vicco VajradantiNo organic ingredientsYes600
0-Toothbrush rating | Not Okay
ACCA KAPPA Natural ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes550
Kiss My Face ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo550
AloeDent ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes550
CariFree Tooth-gelNo organic ingredientsYes550
Jason ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo550
Australian Tea Tree Fresh & WhiteNo organic ingredientsNo500
Go Smile Luxury ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes500
Perfect Smile Whitening coQ10 ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes500
Vitamin PasteNo organic ingredientsYes500
Arm and HammerNo organic ingredientsYes400
Dr. Collins ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes350
Rembrandt ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes300
Plaque HD ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes300
Marvis ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsYes300
Plus White Whitening ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo200
Crest ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo150
Colgate ToothpasteNo organic ingredientsNo50

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