Small Planet

CompanySmall Planet Organic Tofu
LocationNewport, WA
Market AreaWest
Total Score920

Small Planet Tofu is an independently owned artisan tofu company that buys organic soybeans directly from organic family farmers in the Midwest. Small Planet Tofu has stable, long-term relationships with these farmers.

They write: “Simply The Best Tasting Tofu On The Planet.” Small Planet Organic Tofu produces some of the finest and most innovative organic tofu, in a true artisan tradition. Started in 1992 by TOFU Phil and now part of Penrith Farms, we handcraft and create not only organic, but preserving an honored tradition as one of the original artisan foods with a great flavor and texture. Our main ingredient is certified, organically grown soybeans, grown and purchased directly from American farmers. Using all organic ingredients shows our commitment to being Green and producing a “No-Games Organic” product. We use traditional Japanese methods with a little modern ingenuity, bringing to you our flavor-infused organic tofu. Our products include, Fresh & Savory Baked, Original Firm Tofu, along with Garlic & Herb, Spicy, Curry, and our newest flavor, Sun-Dried Tomato, all infused with flavor and all organic. All of our products are wheat & gluten-free, making them Celiac-friendly, and totally Vegan.

We are also creating new and unique Artisan flavors, as only “The Micro-Brew of Tofu” TM can do, to create a new and exciting look into the world of tofu. Tofu, as it was originally intended to be, handcrafted, in small batches, with unique flavors, and the fresher the better. Tofu, being one of the most versatile foods known in the culinary world, is being given, by Small Planet Organic Tofu, the recognition it has longed deserved, removing the mystery and confusion from an honored and revered food that has been around for centuries.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1000) 920
5-Bean Rating | Top-Rated
Family-farmer owned businesses receive the most points, investor owned corporations the fewest.
Ownership Structure
80Sole Propietorship
Reflects a company’s commitment to purchasing organic soybeans.
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases
100100% Organic Purchases
Companies committed to transparency receive the most points.
Disclosure of Information for Verification
100Full and open disclosure
Reflects the integrity of the company’s chosen organic certifying organization.
Organic Certifier
100WA State Dept of Ag
Companies selling only organic products receive the most points.
Organic Product Line
100100% Organic Products
Companies that manufacture in-house receive the most points.
100All manufacturing done in-house
Companies that purchase directly from farmers receive the most points; companies that buy through brokers selling imports receive the fewest.
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships
100100% directly from American farmers; visits the farms
Companies that are committed to preventing GMO contamination receive the most points.
Prevention of GMO Contamination
40no testing
Companies that do not add flavor or add only certified organic natural flavor receive the most points.
100100% certified organic
Companies that do not use soy lecithin or that use certified organic soy lecithin receive the most points.
Soy Lecithin
100none used