Earth’s Best

CompanyHain Celestial
LocationMelville, NY
Productsinfant formula
Market AreaNationwide
Total Score0

Earth’s Best is owned by The Hain Celestial Group, a multi-million dollar public corporation that owns numerous organic and natural food brands.

Earth’s Best would not share the sourcing information of the soy products used in its soy-based infant formula. If you enjoy Earth’s Best¨ products, we would encourage you to contact the company and ask them to participate in the Cornucopia research study and scorecard.

Earth’s Best organic infant formula contains several hexane-extracted ingredients, including soy lecithin and DHA oil and ARA oil.


If you are giving your baby infant formula, and he or she experiences adverse reactions such as explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, excessive gas or other gastrointestinal symptoms (and switching formula has not brought relief), your baby may be reacting to the algal DHA (Crypthecodinium cohnii oil) and fungal ARA (Mortierella alpina oil) oils in infant formula. Baby’s Only does not contain these potentially harmful additives, and may relieve your baby’s symptoms. Please consult your pediatrician.

For more information on hexane-extracted DHA and ARA oils in infant formula, see The Cornucopia Institute’s report: “Replacing Mother: Imitating Human Breastmilk in the Laboratory.” Available at:

If your baby experienced adverse reactions to algal DHA and fungal ARA in infant formula, please file an adverse reaction report with the FDA’s Medwatch program (, and send a copy of your report to [email protected] so that The Cornucopia Institute can document these side effects.

TOTAL (possible score is 1000)0
Family-farmer owned businesses receive the most points, investor owned corporations the fewest.
Ownership Structure
0Earth's Best is owned by The Hain Celestial Group
Reflects a company’s commitment to purchasing organic soybeans.
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases
Companies committed to transparency receive the most points.
Disclosure of Information for Verification
Reflects the integrity of the company’s chosen organic certifying organization.
Organic Certifier
Companies selling only organic products receive the most points.
Organic Product Line
Companies that manufacture in-house receive the most points.
Companies that purchase directly from farmers receive the most points; companies that buy through brokers selling imports receive the fewest.
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships
Companies that are committed to preventing GMO contamination receive the most points.
Prevention of GMO Contamination
Companies that do not add flavor or add only certified organic natural flavor receive the most points.
Companies that do not use soy lecithin or that use certified organic soy lecithin receive the most points.
Soy Lecithin
0non-organic, hexane-extracted soy lecithin is used