Total Score1975

They write: “Stiebrs Farms was founded in 1953. We are now three generations strong with the fourth up and coming. Stiebrs Farms produces, processes and distributes all of their products on their own in the Pacific Northwest region. Stiebrs Farms Sunrise Fresh label hens are raised in large cage-free henhouses, in which hens lay eggs in nests and are free to run, preen and socialize. They are fed a pure vegetarian diet of corn, wheat, barley and soy, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. The Stiebrs’ flock of omega-3 hens are also fed organic flaxseed. Stiebrs certified organic and pasture-raised certified-organic hens are fed organic vegetarian feed and spend time outdoors in pastures. The pasture raised birds get rotated weekly. To maintain the integrity of their organic program, the Stiebrs family owns and operates their own certified organic feed mill. Stiebrs Farms cage-free and organic eggs are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.”

Ownership Structure100
Average Flock Size60
Single or Double Henhouses100
Other Certifications (bonus points)60
Organic Certifier100
Commitment to Organics40
Indoor Space per Bird80
Indoor Enrichments100
Litter Management100
Natural Light80
Outdoor Space per Bird50
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors70
Outdoor Enrichments60
Outdoor Space Exemptions70
Outdoor Management System65
Manure Handling System90
Forced Molting100
Beak Trimming80
Laying Hen Lifespan40
Use of Spent Hens80
Death Loss Rate60
Pullet Access to Outdoors60
Feed Produced on Farm80
US Grown Feed60
Soy in FeedYes
Synthetic Amino Acids70
Disclosure Rate40