Tide Mill Creamery (Tide Mill Organic Farm)

Farm/Brand HeadquartersEdmunds, ME
ProductsCheese, kefir, yogurt, goat milk products
Market AreaME
Total Score1400
TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit) 1400
5-Cow Rating | Top-Rated—Beyond Organic
Ownership structure100Farmstead dairy business
Milk Supply100Farmstead dairy—100% of milk from farm.
Organic Production100100% organic products, brand does not market conventional
Disclosure of Information for Verification100Full disclosure
Organic Certification100Maine Organic Farmer’s and Gardener’s Association (MOFGA)
Other Labels/Standards0None
Grass-fed70Exceeds minimum standards for grazing
Soy Free Ration?No, soy may be used in feed
Pasture75Good pasture compliance; rotational grazing
Times Milked90Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies)
Cull/death Rate85Very low death rate and a moderate cull rate
Replacements100Raise all own replacements (closed herd)
Calves80Goat kids raised with their mothers; cattle separated shortly after birth (standard practice)
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormone use
Farm Support100Farmers live on site
Procurement of Ingredients100No extra milk ingredients used
Extra Credit0None