Sunrise Family Farms

Farm/Brand HeadquartersNorwich, NY
ProductsFluid milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk
Market AreaNJ, NY
Total Score1375
TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit)1375
4-Cow Rating | Excellent
Ownership structure90Family business; close contact with all farmers
Milk Supply80Own patrons from small family farms with some milk from other highly-rated suppliers on an as-needed basis
Organic Production90Markets both organic and conventional products, including non-GMO (split operations)
Disclosure of Information for Verification90Good disclosure
Organic Certification100EcoCert ICO
Other Labels/Standards20Some of the milk supply is PCO 100% grassfed certified
Grass-fed80Markets grassfed; exceeds USDA percent intake requirements
Soy Free Ration?No (some farms, including Evans Farmhouse are soy-free, others are not)
Pasture90Superb pasture compliance; average 2 acres per cow
Times Milked90Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies)
Cull/death Rate90Low average cull and death rate
Replacements100Closed herds (all replacements raised in-farm)
Calves75Removed shortly after birth (standard practice)
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormone use
Farm Support90All farms visited regularly by staff
Procurement of Ingredients90Outside ingredients (fluid milk) from trusted sources
Extra Credit0None