Horizon (DanoneWave)

Farm/Brand HeadquartersBoulder, CO
ProductsFluid milk
Market AreaNationwide
Total Score0

This brand is known or suspected to be practicing outside the letter and the intent of organic rules and regulations. They were the least transparent in Cornucopia’s investigations and there is some indication they are purposefully being secretive about their sourcing. Brands like these damage the organic marketplace as a whole by undermining confidence in the label and pushing ethical farms out of the industry.

We recommend you try to find another source for your organic milk—though even this “organic” milk will have superior qualities to conventional milk (which would rate a “0” on our scoring scale). Even low-quality organic milk has been shown to contain no residues of antibiotics, and toxic pesticides, while the risk of those residues being present in conventional milk is high.

TOTAL (possible score is 2700)0
1-Cow Rating | Factory Farms