Champlain Valley Dairy

Farm/Brand HeadquartersMiddlebury, VT
ProductsFluid milk
Market AreaNortheast
Total Score0

If you’re a customer of this brand your voice may have some sway in convincing this company to participate. Please use your clout to ask their ownership or management to stand up for organic integrity by participating in The Cornucopia Institute’s research study and scorecard.

Participation in this survey and scorecard help separate the organic label between those brands that are truly organic and those that are ethically deficient and want to operate in secrecy. In a marketplace where industrial dairies have something to hide, the lack of transparency in brands that might otherwise score well hurts the integrity of the organic label.

Approximately 64% of all name brand organic dairy products participated in our research and are well-rated on this scorecard. The balance are generally owned by large corporations or procure all or part of their milk from “factory farms.” However, there are a few farm-based brands included in this category that have been invited to participate on numerous occasions. The operative question is: do they have something to hide? Otherwise, why would they be outliers not joining the rest of the ethical dairy community in banding together to expose fraudulent activities that are damaging family-scale dairy farmers and destroying consumer goodwill?

Whatever these brands tell you about their operations is self-serving and it would be prudent to question their trustworthiness.

TOTAL (possible score is 2700)0
Ownership structure0No answer
Milk Supply0No answer
Organic Production0No answer
Disclosure of Information for Verification0No answer
Organic Certification0No answer
Other Labels/Standards0No answer
Grass-fed0No answer
Soy Free Ration?0No answer
Pasture0No answer
Times Milked0No answer
Cull/death Rate0No answer
Replacements0No answer
Calves0No answer
Antibiotic Use0No answer
Hormone Usage0No answer
Farm Support0No answer
Procurement of Ingredients0No answer
Extra Credit0None