Purchasing authentic organic is an investment in healthy systems — and one way to resist the industrialization of organic dairy. Use our Organic Dairy Scorecard to support authentic organic dairy farms. And choose local, organic dairy if you can!

As of June 2024, Alexandre Dairy has been suspended from our scorecard until we complete our investigation.

Brand NameRatingProductsMarket AreaScore
5-Cow Rating | Top-RatedThis category of producers represents the “gold standard” in dairy production. Producers in this top tier manage diverse, small-to-medium-scale family farms. They emphasize well-managed pasture. Pasture and other forage makes up the majority of their animals’ feed.
Radiance DairyFluid milkIA1745
Paradise Springs FarmCheese, fluid milk, raw milkID, Web Sales1720
SpringWood Organic FarmYogurt, grassfedPA1680
Clover MountainCheese, fluid milk, yogurtChewelah, Bluecreek, WA1665
Berle FarmCheese, yogurtMA, NY, VT1650
Engelbert FarmsCheeseNY1635
Hawthorne Valley FarmCheese, fluid milk, raw milk, yogurt, vat pasteurized, A2 breedsEast1630
Working Cows DairyButter, cream, fluid milk, vat pasteurized, grassfedAL1610
The Family CowFluid milk, raw milk, A2 milkPA, web sales1595
Alpine Heritage CreameryCheesePA, FL, web sales1590
The MilkhouseFluid milkMaine1585
Chaseholm FarmFluid milk, yogurt, cheeseNY1580
Chase Hill FarmCheese, fluid milkMA1575
Seven Stars FarmFluid milk, biodynamicEast, Southeast, Midwest1571
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills DairyFluid milk, raw milkPA1565
Earthwise Farm and Forest DairyFluid milkVT1560
Butterworks FarmYogurt, A2 milkVT, NH1555
Kiss the Cow DairyFluid milk, ice creamNew England1550
Tide Mill Creamery (Tide Mill Organic Farm)Cheese, kefir, yogurt, goat milk productsME1545
Thistle Hill Farm (Tarentaise Cheese)CheeseNationwide, VT1545
Lifeline FarmCheeseID, MT, OR, WA, Web Sales1540
Meant To Be Natural FoodCheese, fluid milkNY, NJ1515
Trader's Point CreameryFluid milk, A2, raw cheese, fresh cheese, cottage cheese, butter, ice creamIN, IL, Midwest, Northeast, Mid Atlantic1500
Roger's FarmsteadFluid milkNew England1495
Misty Brook FarmFluid milkMaine1485
Evans Farmhouse CreameryCheeseNJ, NY1465
Larson Farm and CreameryFluid milk, raw milkNortheast1460
Nezinscot FarmCheese, yogurt fluid milkNew England 1450
Sidehill FarmYogurt, fluid milkNew England and New York1450
Amaltheia Organic DairyCheese (goat)MT, Web Sales1445
Strafford Organic CreameryIce cream, fluid milkNH, VT1440
4-Cow Rating | ExcellentProducers in this category provide ample pasture for their animals and make a credible effort to encourage natural behaviors. These brands may get additional milk from outside sources (that are also certified organic). If multiple farms produce the milk for a brand, the management has close oversight and control over the practices of those farms.
Alec's Ice CreamIce CreamNationwide1425
Maple Hill CreameryCheese, kefir, yogurt, fluid milk, grassfedNationwide1420
Nature's OneFormulaNationwide1420
Grey Barn and FarmFluid milkNew England1415
Trimona YogurtYogurtTX, OR, NY, CA, IL, Northeast1410
Rumiano Cheese CompanyCheeseNationwide1400
Grassmilk (Organic Valley)Fluid milk, yogurt, grassfedNationwide1390
Sunrise Family FarmsFluid milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilkNJ, NY1375
NaturiYogurt (greek)East, Southwest1370
Oasis at Bird in HandCheese, fluid milk, yogurt, grassfedPA1360
Sunshine DairyFluid MilkPA1355
Natural By Nature (Natural Dairy Products Corp.)Cheese, fluid milk, sour cream, yogurt, whipped creamNationwide1347
PCC Community MarketsFluid milkWA1335
Sky Top FarmsFluid milkNY1315
Stonyfield Farms (Lactalis)Cream, fluid milk, frozen yogurt, yogurtNationwide1315
Organic ValleyButter, butter (ghee), fluid milkNationwide1310
Annie's Homegrown (General Mills)Cheese, packaged goods (pasta), canned meals, yogurtNationwide1305
Liberte (General Mills)YogurtNationwide1305
Kalona SuperNatural (Farmers Creamery)Fluid milk, yogurtNationwide1305
Pure Indian FoodsButter, ghee, grassfedNationwide, Web Sales1300
Sierra Nevada Cheese CompanyCheeseNationwide1280
Humboldt Creamery (Foster Farms Dairy)Cream, fluid milkNationwide1280
NeutralFluid milkNationwide1260
Nancy's (Springfield Creamery)Cream cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream, yogurt, 100% grassfedNationwide1255
Green Field FarmsCheeseNationwide1237
Shaw Family Dairy (New England Organic Creamery)Fluid milkMA1225
Green Valley Organics (Redwood Hill Farm/Emmi Roth)Yogurt, sour cream, lactose freeNationwide1217
Clover SonomaButter, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, fluid milk, ice cream, kefir, sour creamAZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, WA, West1215
Blue Marble Ice CreamIce creamNationwide1185
Westby Cooperative CreameryButter, cheeseNationwide1175
Cedar Grove CheeseCheeseCA, East, Midwest, Web Sales1155
Good CultureCottage cheeseNationwide1145
Amish Country FarmsFluid milkNationwide1140
White Mountain FoodsYogurtNationwide1130
Smari OrganicsYogurt (skyr)Nationwide1120
Organic Creamery (DCI Cheese/Saputo Specialty Cheese)CheeseNationwide1110
Stonewall FarmsFluid milk, raw milkNH1100
3-Cow Rating | Very GoodThree-cow rated brands failed to answer some or all of our questions about their practices, however they are considered likely to be highly rated (4 or 5-cow) had they done so.
Steckler GrassfedCheeseIN, IL, Ky, MI1080
Upstate Farms (Upstate Niagara Coop.)Fluid milkNY, PA1070
Nature's Touch (Kwik Trip)Fluid milkWI1045
McCluskey Brothers at Shillelagh Glen FarmsCheeseND, WI, Web Sales950
Rogue CreameryCheeseNationwide850
Straus Family CreameryButter, ice cream, fluid milk, yogurt, sour creamOR, WA, CA, NV, AZ795
Champlain Valley DairyFluid milkNortheast790
2-Cow Rating | FairThese are either industrial-scale operations or others with outstanding questions or concerns regarding their compliance with USDA organic regulations. One of the primary features that distinguishes these operations from the ethically deficient 1-cow brands is their willingness to share with their customers (and Cornucopia researchers) some of the details as to how their milk is produced.
VerkaYogurt, paneer, cheeseCA, Midwest655
Wallaby (Danone NA)Kefir, sour cream, yogurtNationwide645
AlpenroseFluid milkOR, WA605
Cowgirl Creamery (Emmi Roth USA/Emmi Group)CheeseNationwide570
Sassy Cow CreameryFluid milkIL, WI515
Earth's Best (Hain Celestial)FormulaNationwide465
Byrne DairyFluid milk, yogurt, long shelf lifeNY425
Organic Family Farms CooperativeFluid milkUnknown365
1-Cow Rating | PoorBrands in this category are suspected of being, or sourcing from, what we would describe as "factory farms." These brands are better than conventional dairy, but are at the bottom of the ratings among organic brands.
Horizon Grassfed (Danone NA)Fluid milkNationwide340
Roth Organics (Emmi Roth)CheeseNationwide260
Mother's Choice (Larsen's Creamery)ButterNationwide215
Yami Yogurt (Auburn Dairy Products, Inc.)YogurtNationwide185
Producers DairyFluid MilkCalifornia165
Boulder Ice CreamIce creamNationwide125
Green Mountain Creamery (Lactalis)YogurtNationwide120
County Line FarmsFluid milkTX, KS, OK115
Rockview FarmsFluid milkCA105
Prairie FarmsFluid MilkMidwest, TX75
Yoatz (Facci Food Company)YogurtNationwide60
White Orchard FarmFluid milkME0
Udder MilkFluid milkUnknown0
Buttercup Mountain FarmRaw milkVT0
365 Organic (Whole Foods)Fluid milkNationwide0
Pavel's YogurtYogurtNationwide0
Nature's Place (Hannaford)Fluid milkNationwide0
Horizon (Danone NA)Fluid milkNationwide0
Cocoa MetroChocolate milk, chocolate productsNationwide0
Cadia (KeHE)Butter, cheese, fluid milkNationwide0
Challenge Dairy ProductsButterNationwide0
Nature's Basket (Giant Eagle)Fluid milkNationwide0
Shamrock FarmsFluid milk, sour creamNationwide0
Stew Leonard'sFluid milkCT, NY0
Nature's Best (KeHE)Fluid milkNationwide0
Bethel CreameryFluid MilkUnknown0
Kemps (Dairy Farmers of America)Fluid milkNationwide0
HEB Organics (HEB Grocery Company/Central Market)Cheese, fluid milk, creamTX, KS, OK0
Trader Joe'sFluid milk, cheese, yogurtNationwide0
Latta (Latta USA)Kefir, yogurtEast, CA0
Samish Bay Cheese FarmCheese, kefir, yogurtWA0
Greenwise (Publix)Ice cream, fluid milk, packaged productsSoutheast0
Applegate Farms (Hormel)CheeseNationwide0
Wild Harvest (Albertson's)Fluid milkNationwide0
Clearly Organic (Associated Wholesale Grocers)Fluid milkUnknown0
Full Circle (Topco)Fluid milkNationwide0
Winn Dixie Organics (Bi-Lo)Fluid milkSoutheast0
WegmansFluid milkNY, PA, NJ, VA, MD0
Great Value Food (Walmart)Fluid milk, formulaNationwide0
New Seasons Market (Good Food Holdings/E-Mart)Fkuid milkOR, WA0
Glanbia FoodsCheeseNationwide0
Similac (Abbott Laboratories)Infant formulaNationwide0
FairwayFluid milkNortheast0
Galbani (Lactalis)CheeseNationwide0
Member's Mark (Sam's Club)Fluid milk, cheeseNationwide0
Natural Directions (Unified Grocers)Butter, cheese, fluid milk Nationwide0
Honest Infant Formula (Honest Company)FormulaNationwide0
Woodstock (UNFI)Butter, fluid milkNationwide0
Sunnyside Farms Dairy (Save Mart/Super Store Industries)Fluid milkCA, NV0
Western Family (Topco)Fluid milkNationwide0
Voskos (Sun Valley Dairy)YogurtGA, SC, TN, FL, AZ, AL, NC, CA, NV0
Wellsley Farms (BJ's Wholesale Club)Fluid milkOH, East0
Simple Truth (Kroger)Fluid milkNationwide0
Sprout'sFluid milkAZ, CA0
Talenti (Unilever)Ice CreamNationwide0
Stremicks Heritage FoodsFluid milkMidwest, West, HI0
Happy Family (Danone NA)Infant formulaNationwide0
Simply Balanced (Target)Fluid milkNationwide0
Kirkland Signature (Costco)Fluid milkNationwide0
Olympus DairyYogurtNationwide0
Santini FoodsCondensed milk, evaporated milk, fluid milkNationwide0
Mama SattvaButter (ghee)Nationwide0
Harvest Farms (Ingles Markets)Fluid milkAL, GA, NC, SC, TN0
Hiland DairyFluid milkMidwest0
O Organics (Safeway)Fluid milk, A2 milk, raw milkNationwide0
MOM's Organic MarketFluid milkDC, MD, NJ, PA, VA0
Friendly Farms (Aldi)Fluid milkNationwide0
Double RainbowIce creamNationwide0
Alden's Ice Cream (Oregon Ice Cream)Ice creamNationwide0
Market Basket (DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc)Fluid milkMA, ME, NH0
Roundy'sFluid milkIL, WI0
Perry's Ice CreamIce creamNY, PA, OH, Northeast0
Farmland FreshFluid MilkNationwide0
Umpqua DairyFluid milk, ice creamWest0
Meijer Organics (Meijer)Fluid milkMidwest0
High Meadow (Aurora Dairy)Fluid milkNationwide0
Vermont Organics (Perrigo Nutritionals)FormulaNationwide, Web Sales0
Grace Pond FarmFluid milkME0
Lulubelle Creamery (Wild Rose Foods)Fluid milk, butter, cheeseNationwide0
Miller FarmFluid milkVT0
Neighborly FarmsCheeseNortheast0
Nuna OrganicCheeseNationwide0
Origin MilkFluid milk, butter, cheeseNationwide0
Straws FarmUnknownME0
Trickling SpringsFluid milkMid-Atlantic0
Vonn Trapp FarmsteadFluid milk, yogurt, cheeseVT0
Bellweather FarmsYogurt, CheeseNationwide0
Balfour FarmCheeseME0
1836 FarmsFluid milkTX0
Dahlicious OrganicYogurtNationwide0
Oberweis DairyFluid milk, ice creamMidwest0
Simply Nature (Aldi)Fluid milkNationwide0
Nature's Promise (Giant Food/Ahold)Fluid milkNationwide, Web Sales0
Hy VeeFluid milkNationwide0
Smith Brothers FarmsButter, cheese, fluid milkWA0
ShopriteFluid milkNationwide0
Central Market (HEB Organics)Fluid milkNationwide0
Wholesome Valley (Galaxy Foods)CheeseNationwide0

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