Clover Organic 1.5%

Certified OrganicYes
Parent CompanyClover Sonoma
Total Score1350
TOTAL (possible score is 2150) 1350
4-Spoon Rating
Five-cows on Organic Dairy Scorecard: 900 points
Four-cows on Organic Dairy Scorecard: 800 points
Three-cows on Organic Dairy Scorecard: 700 points
Two-cows on Organic Dairy Scorecard: 600 points
One-cow on Organic Dairy Scorecard: 500 points
Conventional: 0 points
Milk Quality
800Four-cow rated
% of offerings that are certified organic: 100 points maximum
Brand Commitment to Organics
100100% organic
Two ingredients or fewer (milk and salt): 250 points
Multiple ingredients: 0 points
0Multiple ingredients
No carrageenan: 300 points
Carrageenan: 0 points
0Includes carrageenan - check label
None: 100 points
Organic colors: 50 points
Conventional colors: 0 points
Added Colors
None: 100 points
Organic flavors: 50 points
Natural flavors: 0 points
Added Flavors
None: 100 points
Organic sweetener with source: 100 points
Conventional: 0 points
100None or organic sweetener
Informational, no numeric score
Amount of Sugar
4 gInformational
None: 100 points
Natural (tocopherols, malic acid, sodium ascorbate, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acide): 50 points
All others: 0 points
0Artificial preservatives
No thickeners/gums: 100 points
Organic: 50 points
Conventional: 0 points
50Organic thickener
Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified: 100 points
Not certified: 0 points
Non-GMO Project Verified or USDA Organic
100Non-GMO Project Verified
Informational, no numeric score
Corn or Food Starch/Maltodexrin
Informational, no numeric score
380 mgInformational
Informational, no numeric score
Vitamin A Palmitate
YesVitamin A added