Ruth’s Hemp Foods

CompanyRuth's Hemp Foods
Company TypeIndependent
Organic StatusCereal products are not certified organic
Total Score350

Ruth writes: “Chia Goodness is a raw, gluten-free breakfast cereal and the only product on the market with chia as the first ingredient, that is delicious and instantly edible. The base cereal (Original flavour) is simply chia, raw buckwheat, (one of Dr. Weil’s top 10 superfoods), shelled hemp seeds and a touch of the world’s best salt, Celtic Sea Salt©. Chia Goodness is verified GMO-free by the Non-GMO Project.

I often add fresh or frozen fruit to the Original, and pour in hot water to thicken the chia. We find that people like the Apple Almond Cinnamon the best, and have heard of people using everything from dairy to almond to coconut milk with it. On the road, just ask for an extra half cup of hot water or milk, stir in Chia Goodness and wait a few minutes for the best breakfast ever! Many people also choose to boost the goodness in their regular breakfast, by adding Chia Goodness¨ to their yogourt, oatmeal or granola. However you choose to enjoy it, you are starting the day out in the best possible way! Have a super day with superfoods: Chia Goodness©!”

Here’s a video of Ruth discussing and making Chia Goodness:

Ruth Shamai, is the founder and president of Ruth’s Hemp Foods. Her line of health foods offers a wide range of delicious foods that are GMO-free, contain no refined sugar, synthetic vitamins, hydrogenated or trans fatty acids. Your values, your food.

TOTAL (possible score is 700) 350
Percentage of the brand’s product line that is certified organic.
Organic Status of Cereal/Granola by Brand
Percentage of the parent company’s products that are certified organic.
Organic Commitment by Corporate Owner
Brand’s commitment to ensuring all cereals are non-GMO.
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Parent company’s commitment to ensuring all of its products are non-GMO.
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Brand’s commitment to ensuring that hexane is not present in its cereal and granola products.
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Parent company’s commitment to ensuring that harmful synthetic agrichemicals where not used in the production of any of their products.
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