Company TypeIndependent
Organic StatusAll granola products are 70% organic
Total Score610

They write: “So, you have heard of granola before…well forget what you know! Traditional granola is made of baked oats, full of fats and sugar…this equals empty calories that leave you still feeling hungry. Our gRAWnola is on a whole different level and we are proud to say so! RAW, SPROUTED, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, NUTRIENT DENSE and FULL of NATURAL FLAVOR!

We are a raw granola company based in the beautiful, ocean-side city of Charleston, SC. RAW means that we dehydrate at a ‘secret’ certain temperature for just the right amount of time to produce our very unique look and flavor. In a side-by-side comparison between sprouted and unsprouted versions of our product, the sprouted is a shockingly more yummy as well as the fact that sprouted makes the ingredients far more absorbable for your body when you eat it. We are proud of the ingredients used in each amazing flavor. The organic, fresh produce is washed and prepped, each vanilla bean is sliced and scooped, all nuts and seeds are soaked and sprouted, while still being made by hand from beginning to end. Assuring you the best possible raw product out there. – YEAH, we’re that good.”

TOTAL (possible score is 700) 610
Percentage of the brand’s product line that is certified organic.
Organic Status of Cereal/Granola by Brand
Percentage of the parent company’s products that are certified organic.
Organic Commitment by Corporate Owner
Brand’s commitment to ensuring all cereals are non-GMO.
GMO Policy (By Brand, in Cereal/Granola)
Parent company’s commitment to ensuring all of its products are non-GMO.
GMO Policy by Corporate Owner
Brand’s commitment to ensuring that hexane is not present in its cereal and granola products.
Hexane (in cereal/granola products)
Brand’s commitment to ensuring that harmful synthetic agrichemicals where not used in the production of their cereal and granola products.
Agrichemical Use (by Brand, in Cereal/Granola Products)
Parent company’s commitment to ensuring that harmful synthetic agrichemicals where not used in the production of any of their products.
Agrichemical Use (by Corporate Owner)