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NOSB Webinar — Recap of Public Comments (and Postmortem)

Below, please find the roster of all those who testified at the National Organic Standards Board’s webinar/teleconference on Thursday, November 3. These notes were prepared by Marie Burcham, a policy analyst and attorney on our staff. The leadership at the USDA’s National Organic Program, with concurrence from members of the NOSB, have cut down the… Read more »

FOIA Reading Room

The Cornucopia Institute has submitted dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests over the years in an effort to shine a light on the inner workings of the National Organic Program. Over and over we have seen the same response from the USDA: frequent delays far beyond what is permitted by federal law, overuse… Read more »

Triclosan Banned by FDA from Soaps but Still OK in Toothpaste

[Read Cornucopia’s letter to the FDA.] Scorecard Identifies Brands without Toxics The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, has sent the FDA a letter requesting that the agency ban a possible carcinogen, triclosan, from toothpastes, as they have recently done for hand soaps. The agency prohibited the use of the chemical in hand soaps on… Read more »

Big Sugar has been Manipulating Scientific Views since the 1960s

Cornucopia’s Take: It’s become an all too common practice for industries to fund science seeking results that they want.  According to documents found in a Harvard library’s basement, big sugar has been doing this since the 1960s. We are seeing this happen with the carrageenan industry and regulation today. Independent research is crucial to public… Read more »

Report Finds Toxins/Carcinogens in Popular Brands of Toothpaste

Scorecard Identifies the “Dirtiest” and Safest, Even Organic, Alternatives The latest report by The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, uncovers serious problems in cosmetics industry regulations. Regulatory weaknesses and loopholes allow for the use of questionable, even harmful ingredients in personal care products, such as toothpastes, that could negatively impact the health of the… Read more »

Privacy Policy

Cornucopia’s Privacy Policy The Cornucopia Institute values your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes how we protect the privacy of website visitors and donors. This Policy also outlines how you can update your information or communication preferences and how you can receive additional information. Protecting Donor Information Cornucopia uses electronic security systems to protect records containing… Read more »

The Cultivator – Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter, is now available online. Download the PDF here. In it you’ll find: Cover story: Gathering of the Agrarian Elders Commentary: Organic Hooligans Feature: Will Carrageenan Remain in Organic Food? News: Cornucopia Sues USDA Undisturbed Ecosystems Benefit Everyone What is a Rural Sociologist? Cornucopia Clarifies What Organics Is and What It Isn’t… Read more »

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Washington, DC #NOSB

Last Updated: 4-27-16, 5:00 p.m. ET Join The Cornucopia Institute as we live tweet from the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Washington, D.C. We will be sharing the play by play with our Twitter followers under #NOSB or simply follow our stream. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, please do so here. Read… Read more »

Cornucopia to Report Live from DC NOSB Meeting Next Week

Mark Kastel Dr. Linley Dixon Cornucopia codirector Mark Kastel and lead scientist Dr. Linley Dixon will report live from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in Washington, D.C. You can get the play-by-play on Twitter or on our website for the three-day meeting that starts Monday, April 25. The NOSB meets twice yearly to… Read more »

Report Exposes Food Industry Cover-up

[Click here to read the updated carrageenan report] Toxic, Carcinogenic, Degraded Carrageenan: Widespread Contamination Present in the Common Food-Grade Ingredient A just-issued report by The Cornucopia Institute summarizes research on the common food additive carrageenan, exposing the industry’s hidden data demonstrating that all food-grade carrageenan contains a carcinogenic contaminant—low molecular weight poligeenan. Carrageenan, harvested from… Read more »