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The 2011 NOFA Summer Conference

UMass Amherst – August 12 th -14 th Northeast Organic Farming Association Some call it professional development. Some call it time to hang out with friends who share a passion for organic food. Some call it a family vacation. For anyone wanting to learn new skills, connect with an organization dedicated to ecological sustainability, or move a… Read more »

Organic Farming Can Cool the World that Chemical Farming Overheated A report from GRAIN discusses how agriculture can put back much of the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into the soil. Soils contain enormous amounts of carbon, mostly in the form of organic matter. The report shows that industrial agriculture, and thus the global food system, has spewed large amounts of this carbon… Read more »

New Big Ag Push to Fight World Hunger Misses What Organic Ag Is Already Doing

Huffington Post Tim LaSalle CEO of the Rodale Institute. The compelling humanitarian goals expressed today at the corporately sponsored Global Harvest Initiative symposium were laudable, as were some of the hunger-relief projects cited. Missing, however, was an honest assessment of the limits of dead-end chemical agriculture to play a leading role in actually feeding people…. Read more »

Organic Food Is All That, and More. Just Eat It.

Huffington Post Timothy LaSalle, CEO of the Rodale Institute Good news! You can rest assured that the organic food you bought today is every bit as beneficial for you and the planet as it was three days ago. Advantages for health and ecological soundness are still there, despite a review released this week claiming that… Read more »

Fight Global Warming — with Farms

Rodale Institute Begins Mission, New CEO Tim LaSalle Calls Organic Farming “The Brightest Hope for Our Planet” Rodale Institute KUTZTOWN, PA — Timothy J. LaSalle took over as CEO of the Rodale Institute with a mission: to tell the world that a practical solution to global warming already exists. And farmers are standing on it…. Read more »