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Wildfires Rage at New Mexican Organic Meetings

Farmers, Consumers and Public Interest Groups Square off Against Corporate Interests ALBUQUERQUE, NM:  Passions flared at the semiannual meeting of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the federal advisory panel approved a number of synthetic ingredients for use in organics, over the objection of the majority of… Read more »

Shopping Guide to Avoiding Organic Foods with Carrageenan

Always read ingredient lists carefully. Carrageenan may be present in the final product but not listed on the ingredients label when it is used as a “processing aid,” for example in cream. We recommend contacting the company directly if you would like to confirm whether carrageenan is in the final product. Read more on processing aids here, and… Read more »

The Organic Watergate: Advocates Condemn Corruption and USDA’s Cozy Relationship with Corporate Agribusinesses in Organics

[This action alert is over.] Cornucopia, WI — The nation’s leading organic farming watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, is challenging what it calls a “conspiracy” between corporate agribusiness interests and the USDA that has increasingly facilitated the use of questionable synthetic additives and even dangerous chemicals in organic foods. In its new white paper, The Organic… Read more »

America’s Mad Cow Crisis

[Don’t panic. Go organic! Organic farmers are legally prohibited from feeding animal byproducts to livestock. This is the accepted pathway for the prion disease in humans, new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or “Mad Cow”.  — Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst, The Cornucopia Institute] by John Stauber Americans might remember that when the first mad cow was… Read more »

Angry Consumers Deluge Kashi with Concerns over GMO Subterfuge

Damage Control PR by Kellogg Division under the Microscope Cornucopia, WI – A photo of a sign explaining why Kashi cereal products were pulled from the shelves of a natural foods retailer has sparked an angry consumer backlash aimed at Kashi for its use of suspect cereal ingredients. The sign appeared in the aisles of… Read more »

Got Omega-3? Not So Much

USA Today By Kim Painter Getting plenty of heart-healthy omega-3 fats used to mean eating fish or taking supplements. But grocery aisles these days are packed with food labels boasting of omega-3 content. You can buy milk, eggs, yogurt, cereal, orange juice, butter substitutes, mayonnaise and other products that carry the claim. Behind the boom:… Read more »

If it’s not organic, how come it’s in organic foods?

When the first food manufacturer added Martek’s DHA oil and ARA oil to a certified organic product, the United States Department of Agriculture sent a letter of non-compliance to their organic certifying agent. Rather than take immediate corrective action, the manufacturer hired a powerful corporate lobbyist to broker a backroom deal with a corrupt government… Read more »

Organic Group Challenged to Remove Former Board President/Speaker

Celebrity Doctor, Alan Greene, Accused of Unethical Conduct ANAHEIM, CA:  On the heels of an emerging corporate influence peddling scandal that has undermined the integrity of the federal organic rulemaking process, The Cornucopia Institute, an industry watchdog, has requested that a speech by Alan Greene, a well-known pediatrician, be canceled at the Natural Foods Expo,… Read more »

Spinning Suspect Ingredients in Baby Formula

Source: PRWatch from the Center for Media and Democracy Submitted by Rebekah Wilce “That same day that I gave her the first bottle [of formula], she had terrible diarrhea, she had horrible spit-up, she had gas, she was crying with pain. . . . Our pharmacy accidentally ordered [formula] without DHA/ARA. She had it for… Read more »

Largest Corporate Dairy, Biotech Firm and USDA Accused of Conspiring to Corrupt Rulemaking and Pollute Organics

Watchdog Requests Federal Investigation, Files Ethics Charges WASHINGTON, DC: The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry research and watchdog organization, announced it has formally requested the USDA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) to investigate corruption at its National Organic Program resulting in the use of illegal synthetics in organic food and then allowing powerful corporations to… Read more »