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Young Farmers Conference Livestream, December 7 & 8

Cornucopia’s Take: One of our allies in the good food movement, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, is hosting the 9th annual Young Farmers Conference. They will be livestreaming parts of it throughout the day tomorrow and Thursday. Young Farmers Conference by Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

Dr. Bronner’s Announces Resignation From the Organic Trade Association

Cornucopia’s Take:  The Organic Trade Association’s critical, behind the scenes lobbying for the toothless GMO labeling bill passed by Congress continues to cause fallout for the lobbying group from ethical companies that feel betrayed. Escalates Commitment to Organic Agriculture and Other Causes Dr. Bronner’s, North America’s leading natural brand of soap and organic body care… Read more »

Leading Organic Industry CEO Condemns GMO Labeling “Sell-out”

Criticizes the Organic Trade Association and Some of Its Powerful Members David Bronner Cornucopia’s Take: David Bronner, CEO at Dr. Bronner’s, has been an activist and a leading voice for the real labeling of GMO foods. He also happens to be a long time member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). He is harshly critical of… Read more »

Freedom from GMOs and Toxins Billboard Blitz

Moms Across America Contact: Blair Fitzgibbon Source: Moms Across America Moms Across America announces another billboard blitz across America in time for Independence day. “Organic Food: FREEDOM from GMOs and Toxins.” reads the patriotic red,  white, and blue billboard series posted by Adams + Fairway Outdoor advertising. Featuring a mother and baby of African heritage, running… Read more »

A Secret Weapon to Fight Climate Change: Dirt

The Washington Post by Debbie Barker and Michael Pollan Cover crops in small grain stubble Source: NRCS, South Dakota Debbie Barker is the international programs director at the Center for Food Safety. Michael Pollan is the John S. and James L. Knight professor of journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. When Will Allen is asked… Read more »

Monsanto on Trial for Crimes Against Nature and Humanity

The Ecologist by Pavlos Georgiadis Monsanto was accused of ‘crimes against humanity and the environment’ at COP21 in Paris this week, writes Pavlos Georgiadis. And now the evidence against it is being gathered for presentation at a ‘Monsanto Tribunal’ taking place next October in The Hague. Civil society groups are putting Monsanto on trial for… Read more »

Farmers Rewarded for Practicing ‘Carbon Farming’

EcoWatch by Cole Mellino Source: USDA NRCS South Dakota Soils naturally absorb and sequester carbon dioxide and following organic practices, such as adding compost and bringing back herds of grazing animals, can make a huge difference in how much carbon dioxide soils can retain. In 2007, a California rancher, John Wick and his partners at the… Read more »

Experts Agree: Organic Farming Is Revolutionary

It’s time to get back to the roots of farming to save the planet. Rodale News by Julia Westbrook Credit: Dorothea Lang via Wikimedia Commons “Organic” is just another word for “expensive.” It’s a joke bandied about in supermarkets, illustrating that people are widely unaware of the connection between the contents of their carts and its… Read more »

‘Seed Freedom is the Answer to Hunger and Malnutrition’

We must resist seed monopolies of corporates, they harm us all, writes biodiversity campaigner Vandana Shiva The Guardian What happens to the seed affects the web of life. When seed is living, regenerative and diverse, it feeds pollinators, soil organisms and animals – including humans. When seed is non-renewable, bred for chemicals, or genetically engineered… Read more »