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CAFO Pork Contaminates Wells and Shuts Out Independent Farmers in Iowa

Cornucopia’s Take: Twenty-three million conventional hogs are currently kept in confinement in Iowa. Massive lagoons of manure and chemicals on those operations leech into the groundwater, contaminating wells and forcing people off their land. This is not only a problem in Iowa. Hog CAFOs have polluted North Carolina and Minnesota and are being proposed in… Read more »

Congress to Consider Doubling National Organic Program Funding

Cornucopia’s Take: The reputation of “USDA Organic” has suffered enormously this year. The Washington Post has run a series of investigative stories, detailing the fraud, lack of enforcement, and conflicts of interest at the National Organic Program (NOP). Cornucopia has shared insight into these issues with organic stakeholders for almost 15 years, conducting investigations and publishing reports… Read more »

Organic Industry in Turmoil: Pioneering Farmers Threatening to Jump Ship

Focal Point of First USDA Regulatory Meeting Since Crisis: Hydroponics Former NOP director Miles McEvoy, before exiting under an ethical cloud from the USDA, visiting with Karen Archipley at her hydroponic operation. Archipley is a spokesperson for Coalition for Sustainable Organics, an astroturf group funded by hydroponic industry interests. Image source: USDA When organic stakeholders… Read more »

Rotational, Multi-species Grazing Shows Promise for the Prairies

Cornucopia’s Take: Farmers in the Midwestern prairie are taking a cue from Georgia’s regenerative pioneer Will Harris. Different species eat different plants, and grazing them rotationally encourages biodiversity in wildlife, plants, and soil. It also improves animal welfare. These practices can rejuvenate used farm land, therefore helping pristine prairie ecosystems to remain wild. How, And… Read more »

Amazon Meeting with Grass-fed Beef Producers in Georgia

Cornucopia’s Take: It remains to be seen what Amazon has in store for grass-fed beef producers. We will share the results of this secret meeting when the story is available. What’s on the table at Amazon’s secret meeting with cattle ranchers? The New Food Economy by Joe Fassler Source: USDA Another day, another sign of… Read more »

A Seat at the Table

Healthy Farmers Beget Healthy Food at Lady Moon Farms [This article was previously published in the summer issue of The Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter.] by Rachel Zegerius Communications and Development Associate at The Cornucopia Institute Anaïs Beddard grew up at Lady Moon Farms playing in farm fields, working in the old oak grove packing shed, and cultivating… Read more »

Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Contain Glyphosate?

Cornucopia’s Take: Longtime organic dairy farmer Will Allen wrote this piece below about Ben & Jerry’s empty promises to farmers and consumers. Because Ben & Jerry’s is made from conventional milk, The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) recently found glyphosate residue in the ice cream. Sign OCA’s petition to Ben & Jerry’s CEO telling them to… Read more »

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Denver, CO #NOSB

Last Updated: April 21, 2017 at 1:45PM CT Join The Cornucopia Institute as we live tweet from the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Denver, Colorado. We will be sharing the play by play with our Twitter followers under #NOSB or simply follow our stream. For background on issues up for discussion at the meeting,… Read more »

Organic is Rooted in the Soil

Talking Points for Comments (Due October 11, 2017) There is nothing wrong with hydroponic growing, it simply isn’t an organic system and growers should seek their own label. Farmers that work to increase soil organic matter and fertility are placed at an economic disadvantage to hydroponic/container growers that continuously fertilize with liquid nutrients. Cover crops… Read more »

Is Biodynamic Farming for Real?

Cornucopia’s Take: Biodynamic farmers are sometimes accused of being unscientific, and Demeter, their certifying agent, has now begun collecting topsoil samples from their biodynamic farms for further study. Biodynamic farmers must follow federal organic rules as well as additional practices, including off-farm input restrictions. Biodynamic farming is on the rise – but how effective is… Read more »