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Glyphosate-based Herbicides Reduce the Activity and Reproduction of Earthworms and Lead to Increased Soil Nutrient Concentrations

Scientific Reports by Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Martin Hofer, Boris Rewald & Johann G. Zaller Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 12886 (2015); doi:10.1038/srep12886 Received:02 February 2015; Accepted:07 July 2015; Published online:05 August 2015 Source: Dodo-Bird Abstract Herbicide use is increasing worldwide both in agriculture and private gardens. However, our knowledge of potential side-effects on non-target soil organisms, even on such eminent ones as earthworms,… Read more »

A Muscle Drug For Pigs Comes Out Of The Shadows

NPR – The Salt by Dan Charles Source: Don Harder In the coming months, a few shoppers will encounter a new and unfamiliar phrase when looking at packages of pork: “Produced without the use of ractopamine.” It’s the brainchild of David Maren, founder of Tendergrass Farms, which sells pork products from pigs raised the “all-natural”… Read more »

USDA Allows Introduction of 2,4-D-Tolerant GE Cotton in Response to Roundup Resistance

Beyond Pesticides Source: Mike Beauregard Despite concerns for human and environmental contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) adds 2,4-D-tolerant cotton, a genetically engineered (GE) crop, to the list of unregulated GE crops, joining 2,4-D resistant corn and soybeans. Last week, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) division of USDA released its decision… Read more »

Carrageenan Update

What Cornucopia Is Doing to Remove this Inflammatory Ingredient from Organics by Will Fantle Source: iStock Part of The Cornucopia Institute’s commitment to protecting the integrity of organics has been increased scrutiny given to non-organic and synthetic materials proposed for use in organic agriculture or in the processing of organic food products. Federal regulations ban… Read more »

Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share by Christopher D. Cook Source: World Bank Photo Collection It’s easy to take seeds for granted. Tiny dry pods hidden in packets and sacks, they make a brief appearance as gardeners and farmers collect them for future planting then later drop them into soil. They are not “what’s for dinner,” yet without them there… Read more »

Tester-Hagan Sign On Letter 2014

[NOTE: Coordinated by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, this letter outlines a number of concerns with the FDA’s new proposed food safety rules and their applicability to family-scale farmers and ranchers.  The Cornucopia Institute is among the 70 organizations that co-signed, and the 12,000 farmers, food and agricultural business leaders and individual signers.] Click… Read more »

Why Farmed Salmon Is Losing Its Omega-3 Edge

Civil Eats by Clare Leschin-Hoar Source: Kris Krüg Closing the fish oil gap When Amanda West Reade was pregnant with her now two-year-old son, she started eating farmed salmon. As a vegetarian, she knew that getting enough protein, omega-3s, and folic acid to boost her growing baby’s development might be tricky. “My doctor listed a… Read more »

Letter to the Congressional Organic Caucus

NOTE: PCC Natural Markets, in Seattle, coordinated a letter to members of Congress expressing the concerns from three dozen retailers about the arbitrary changes made by the USDA to NOSB governance and advice over organic food and agriculture.  These changes continue to trouble Cornucopia and many others in the organic community. PCC Natural Markets To… Read more »

Food’s Big-Picture Guy

The New York Times by Mark Bittman Olivier de Schutter Image Credit: Heinrich Boll Stiftung I wish Olivier de Schutter had the power to match the acuity of his analysis, but it’s great that we’ve had an advocate whose vision is as broad as that of the corporations who have for the last 50 years determined global… Read more »