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The Number One Question for Determining the Integrity of Your Organic Dairy

Dairy Cow

The number of times a day your favorite dairy brand milks its cows speaks volumes about the integrity of its operation. Organic dairy cows are required to have access to pasture for the entire grazing season. The 5 cow dairies on The Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Dairy Scorecard ensure their animals graze well-tended pasture, focusing on… Read more »

A Legacy of Local

News paper clipping declaring June Is Dairy Month with photos of cows, farmers, and a barn

86-year-old Hanover Co-op stands with dairy farmers  Hanover Co-op Food Stores source $17 million annually out of the New Hampshire and Vermont local foodsheds. A significant portion of those sales comes from organic dairy. Cornucopia recently caught up with Allan Reetz, Hanover Co-op’s director of public and government affairs, to discuss the role of dairy… Read more »

What’s the Buzz Around A2 milk?

An organic jersey cow

You may have seen a label becoming more common on your dairy shelves: A2 milk. What is A2 milk, and why do some people claim that it solves gastrointestinal issues they otherwise get from dairy? A2 isn’t really new. In fact, it’s been around for as long as humans have been drinking milk. The difference… Read more »

Pleasant Hill Farm


If there’s a universally loved fruit, it just might be the blueberry. It’s as fun to eat as food gets—popping those purplish little orbs into your mouth by the handful is symbolic of summertime goodness. And where else in the organic world do we get to eat the color blue? Outside of the processed food… Read more »

Windy Acres Farm


What is the meaning and purpose of work? Is it simply a means of making a profit and accumulating wealth? Can work build community and nurture the creation? Are we simply miners of the soil, taking all we can get, or are we caretakers so that future generations will also receive the blessing and benefit… Read more »

Lady Moon Farms

Lady Moon Farm

Anaïs Beddard grew up at Lady Moon Farms playing in farm fields, working in the old oak grove packing shed, and cultivating genuine friendships with farm employees and their families. Each employee is part of the family at Lady Moon Farms. With a team of nearly 300 workers, the Beddard family can’t fit them all… Read more »

New Morning Farm

New Morning Farm

A warm spring morning finds Pennsylvania organic farmer Jim Crawford where any farmer might be this time of year…. on a bicycle trek in Germany? Over 4,000 miles from his fields, Jim is touring the historic streets of Berlin, while apprentices zealously plant and prepare soil for what hopes to be another productive year at… Read more »

Frog Song Organics

Frog Song

For Amy Van Scoik and John Bitter, the quest for quality, affordable farmland began in 2010, as they researched properties and soil profiles throughout the forests of North Central Florida. It was a full year before Amy and John set their sights on a six-acre piece of land in foreclosure with “class 2 ag soil,”… Read more »

Eight Mile Creek Farm

Eight Mile Creek Farm

In 2005, Pam Schreiber moved her three young children to Westerlo, New York and set out to build her own diversified agricultural business. A former cardiorespiratory therapist and nutritionist who was overwhelmed and frustrated by the long-term impacts of smoking and poor diets on her patients, Schreiber turned her life’s work to disease prevention. Eight… Read more »

Introducing the Living Soil Campaign


Shedding Light on the Philosophical Heart of Organic Agriculture “A fertile soil transmits forces. Originally, it was the only material on Earth that could hold water. It therefore became the theater where water, earth, and air could interact, where the earth could express itself in the endless variety of organic life.” — William Bryant Logan,… Read more »