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New Administration at USDA Steps Up to End Organic Corruption

Industry Watchdog / Washington Post Investigation Brings Down Old Leadership Washington, DC: In a strong departure from Bush-era policy, the USDA’s National Organic Program released a memo today banning synthetic “accessory nutrients” — ending a scandal that brought down its former organic leadership. At issue were some of the nation’s leading manufacturers of infant formula… Read more »

Organic Watchdog Asks USDA to Overturn Bush-Era Illegal Shenanigans

Synthetic Oils in Infant Formula Could Be Making Babies Sick Cornucopia, WI – For years, the USDA’S National Organic Program has failed to enforce federal organic standards that prohibit the use of certain unapproved synthetic substances in organic infant formula and other organic foods. The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based food and farm policy research group,… Read more »

Is There Such a Thing as Agro-Imperialism?

New York Times By ANDREW RICE Dr. Robert Zeigler, an eminent American botanist, flew to Saudi Arabia in March for a series of high-level discussions about the future of the kingdom’s food supply. Saudi leaders were frightened: heavily dependent on imports, they had seen the price of rice and wheat, their dietary staples, fluctuate violently… Read more »

Dangerous Hype: Infant Formula Companies Claim They Can Make Babies ‘Smarter’

By Ari LeVaux, AlterNet If you believed a certain baby formula would make your child smarter, would you buy it? Infant formula manufacturers are banking that you would. That’s why, since 2002, several companies have fortified their products with synthetic versions of DHA and ARA, long-chain fatty acids that occur naturally in breast milk and… Read more »

September 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Aurora Dairy Again Accused of Organic Improprieties * More on Soy’s Dirty Little Secret * Court Battle Continues Over Controversial Almond Pasteurization Rule * New Federal Food Safety Rule May Harm Small, Local and Organic Fresh Market Produce Growers * Update on DHA/ARA Additives to Infant Formula Download the full e-newsletter here:… Read more »

Message to Obama: Please Fix the USDA’s Organic Mess Overhaul of Management and Culture Needed

Washington Post investigative story a scathing indictment of Bush Administration tenure at the National Organic Program Cornucopia, WI – President Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack are being urged to take immediate action to repair the USDA’s increasingly dysfunctional National Organic Program (NOP). Suspect imports of grains, nuts, and vegetables from China and other… Read more »

Purity of Federal ‘Organic’ Label Is Questioned

By Kimberly Kindy and Lyndsey Layton Washington Post Staff Writers Three years ago, U.S. Department of Agriculture employees determined that synthetic additives in organic baby formula violated federal standards and should be banned from a product carrying the federal organic label. Today the same additives, purported to boost brainpower and vision, can be found in… Read more »

December 2008 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Last Minute Rulemaking by Bush USDA Threatens Organic Family Farmers * Almond Pasteurization Lawsuit Moving Forward * DHA-Infant Formula Update * Soy Lecithin – Organic Version Arriving * The Save Raw Almonds Store * Genetically Modified Maize Lowers Fertility in Mice, Study Finds Download the full newsletter here: December 2008 E-newsletter

Organic Infant Formula Ingredients Processed with Toxic Chemical

FDA Reports Indicate Infants Sickened from Algae/Fungal-Based Nutritional Supplements The Cornucopia Institute CORNUCOPIA, WI. — The Cornucopia Institute has filed a legal complaint with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), demanding that the agency enforce the organic regulations prohibiting toxic solvents from being used in the production of organic food. The Institute found that baby… Read more »

Infant Formula Warning Labels Needed: Take Action

Infant Formula Warning Labels Needed “How traumatic for my child to have to experience a time that should be of comfort and closeness to me, to be so disturbing and painful,” a mother wrote to the FDA. Her 4-month old infant daughter experienced severe gastrointestinal distress and stomach cramping from infant formula supplemented with DHA… Read more »