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Brand Name Green Way
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Private Label

Private-label, or store-brand, eggs rated with one egg are sold by grocers or distributors who have the obvious desire of wanting to grow their presence in the organic marketplace. Unfortunately, there is an inherent limitation in private-label organic products: organic consumers tend to want to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced, and private-label products are anonymous by their very nature.

Our research indicates that the vast majority of organic eggs for private label brands are produced on industrial farms that house hundreds of thousands of birds and do not grant the birds meaningful outdoor access.

If these grocery chains want to truly express a commitment to organics, and communicate this tangibly to their customer base, we would encourage them to specify on their label which egg producers and cooperatives they are "partnering with" and to fully participate, transparently, in The Cornucopia Institute research study and scorecard. This will give consumers valuable information to judge their ethical approach and simultaneously afford farmers more marketplace security, as it will make it much more difficult to change suppliers quickly for a few cents per dozen.

So the bottom-line for private-label organic products, whether eggs or any other commodity, is "buyer beware." We encourage consumers to be vigilant and contact stores to confirm who is supplying their private-label eggs or to just pay an extra quarter or two for name-brand eggs from farmers and brands that are willing to be open with them and who share their values.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure
Average Flock Size

Single or Double Henhouses
Other Certifications (bonus points)
Organic Certifier
Commitment to Organics
Indoor Space per Bird
Indoor Enrichments
Litter Management
Natural Light
Outdoor Space per Bird
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors
Outdoor Enrichments
Outdoor Space Exemptions
Outdoor Management System
Manure Handling System
Forced Molting
Beak Trimming
Laying Hen Lifespan
Use of Spent Hens
Death Loss Rate
Pullet Access to Outdoors
Feed Produced on Farm
US Grown Feed
Soy in Feed
Synthetic Amino Acids
Disclosure Rate
TOTAL (possible score is 2700) 0
ONE EGG (Private Label)