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Brand Name  World's Best Eggs
Rating (5)    
Company by Coyote Creek Organic Farm and Feed Mill
Location Elgin, TX
Market Area Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana
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Five-egg brands are at the top of the pecking order in terms of our 28 scoring criterion. And the brands, highlighted in gold, such as this one, are rotating their birds in mobile coops to the pasture. They are truly what we consider the "gold standard" in terms of certified organic egg production.

Coyote Creek Farm is home to the organic, pasture-raised hens who produce Jeremiah Cunningham's World's Best Eggs. Our happy chickens live outdoors and are able to fully express their natural behaviors by scratching in the dirt and eating bugs and vegetation from the nutrient-rich pastures. In addition to the hens' wild diet, they eat feed that is certified organic and freshly milled on-site at Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill. Our hens freely enjoy the open pastures and are able to socialize with other hens while soaking in the sunshine. Multiple enrichments are offered to enhance their experience, including roosts and perches, shade cloths, private nest boxes, patio misters, and dust baths.
Eggs from World’s Best Eggs are nutrient-dense, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and low in cholesterol. At Coyote Creek Farm, our goals include long-term sustainability through holistic management, support for organic producer and consumer education, and advocating for small family farming and the humane treatment of all farm animals.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 70 private corporation that produces some eggs & buys eggs from other farmers
Average Flock Size 85 500 to 1,500 hens/flock
Single or Double Henhouses 100 single
Other Certifications (bonus points) 40 Certified non-GMO Verified
Organic Certifier 90 Texas Dept. of Ag, NICS
Commitment to Organics 100 100% organic
Indoor Space per Bird 100 outdoors all the time except perching & laying
Indoor Enrichments 100 perches, dust baths, scratching areas, year-round pasture access
Litter Management 100 outdoors all the time, no litter
Natural Light 90 mostly outdoor mobile coops, fixed houses have abundant windows
Outdoor Space per Bird 100 avg 442 sq ft/hen
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors 80 one door for every 251-500 hens
Outdoor Enrichments 60 shade
Outdoor Space Exemptions 100 year-round outdoor access
Outdoor Management System 75 mobile coops moved weekly, fixed houses with outdoor rotation
Manure Handling System 100 manure spread around by birds onto pasture
Forced Molting 100 no forced molting
Beak Trimming 100 no beak trimming
Laying Hen Lifespan 80 avg of 2-3 years
Use of Spent Hens 100 sold live for food, eggs
Death Loss Rate 100 under 1% death loss
Pullets 80 raise up from day old chicks
Pullet Access to Outdoors 100 1-2 weeks old
Feed Produced on Farm 80 some grain is produced and milled on farm
US Grown Feed 100 all domestically grown
Soy in Feed No Soy-free eggs are available
Synthetic Amino Acids 100 No synthetic methionine, use fish meal, sesame meal, & other sources
Disclosure Rate 100 full disclosure
TOTAL (possible score is 2700) 2430
FIVE EGGS (Exemplary)