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Brand Name Pasture Patterns
Rating (4)    
Company by Prairie Bluff Farm
Location Mount Horeb, WI
Market Area Madison, WI
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Four-egg brands have an excellent rating in terms of our 28 scoring criteria. In addition, brands highlighted in green, such as this one, provide "Enhanced Outdoor Access" to their birds. Their hens live in housing surrounded by a generous amount of outdoor space, which they have access to. We've invited all four-egg brands to write a bit about their farm and operation.

Throughout the spring thru fall pasturing season, our hens are kept on fresh certified organic pasture which they consume with great enthusiasm. The vitamin rich forage, supplemented with a balanced mix of organic grains and minerals, creates a nutritious egg high in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

During the colder months, the hens are sheltered in passive solar hoop buildings providing warmth and natural light. They roam freely throughout the structure and organic alfalfa meal is added to the grain. As we enjoy dried foods saved from the summer months, the alfalfa meal is like supplementing dried pasture. The birds like it and the egg yolks seem to darken a shade from the added nutrition.

We enjoy our birds and are committed to caring for them in a humane manner while producing a high quality egg delivered fresh to you. We hope that you will see and taste the difference a little grass and sunshine can make

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 100 family farm, produces all of its own eggs
Average Flock Size 100 60 birds per pen
Single or Double Henhouses 100 single
Other Certifications (bonus points) none
Organic Certifier 100 MOSA
Commitment to Organics 100 100% organic farm
Indoor Space per Bird 100 2-3 sq ft/hen 
Indoor Enrichments 100 perches, dust baths, litter (in winter housing), full pasture access
Litter Management 100 freshen every other day in winter, in summer on full pasture
Natural Light 100 on pasture in summer, in translucent hoophouses in winter
Outdoor Space per Bird 70 10-15 sq ft/hen
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors 100 birds kept on pasture in mobile housing, in winter entire length of building is open a couple feet high
Outdoor Enrichments 60 shade
Outdoor Space Exemptions 70 confined seasonally
Outdoor Management System 90 rotated daily with mobile housing in the summer, fixed housing in winter
Manure Handling System 100 manure recycled on farm, used to grow grass or vegetables
Forced Molting 100 no forced molting
Beak Trimming 70 prio r to 10 days old
Laying Hen Lifespan 60 18 months old
Use of Spent Hens 100 sold live or butchered for home use
Death Loss Rate 100 less than 2%
Pullets 40  purchase ready-to-lay pullets
Pullet Access to Outdoors 40 around 18-19 weeks old
Feed Produced on Farm 50 just pasture
US Grown Feed 100 buy local feed, request no foreign soy
Soy in Feed Yes soy in feed ration
Synthetic Amino Acids 70 No more than 2 lbs per ton
Disclosure Rate 90 some photos, not a full set
TOTAL (possible score is 2700) 2210
FOUR EGGS (Excellent)