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Brand Name Misty Meadows Farm
Rating (5)    
Company by Misty Meadows Farm
Location Everson, WA
Market Area Seattle and Bellingham regions
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Five-egg brands are at the top of the pecking order in terms of our 28 scoring criterion. And the brands, highlighted in green, such as this one, are providing "Enhanced Outdoor Access" to their birds. Their hens live in housing surrounded by a generous amount of outdoor space which they have access to. We've invited them to write a bit about their farm and operation…

Misty Meadows Farm is a small family farm wanting to raise the very best food we can for our own table and for our friends and neighbors. We are certified organic and seek in all ways to treat the land and the animals in ways that are respectful, healthy and sustainable. We began in 2005 with three pet hens and now have a flock of over 750 laying hens. Our eggs can be found at locally owned grocery stores and restaurants throughout Bellingham, WA.

All of our poultry are pasture raised. Our birds have continuous access to grass and fresh air. We rotate the birdsaround our 18 acre property providing a year‐round supply of fresh pasture. Our birds have open air coops that protect them from severe weather but they are never confined. In 2007, our eggs were tested by a nutritional testing lab as part of a nationwide study sponsored by Mother Earth News magazine. Misty Meadows Farm eggs had 3 ½ times the vitamin E, four times the heart healthy Omega‐3s, a third less cholesterol, and a third less saturated fat than eggs from factory farmed birds.

Criteria Points Comments
Ownership Structure 100 family farm, produces all of own eggs
Average Flock Size 100 flocks average 400 birds
Single or Double Henhouses 100 single
Other Certifications (bonus points) none
Organic Certifier 100 WSDA
Commitment to Organics 100 100% organic
Indoor Space per Bird 100 full outdoor access for the birds; over 2 sq ft/bird 
Indoor Enrichments 100 perches, scratching areas, full outdoor access
Litter Management 100 year-round pasture access
Natural Light 100 year-round pasture access, plentiful natural light
Outdoor Space per Bird 100 more than 133 sq ft/hen
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors 100 four large doors on each coop
Outdoor Enrichments 100 feed, water, shade
Outdoor Space Exemptions 100 outdoor access year-round 
Outdoor Management System 70 fixed housing with rotated pasture
Manure Handling System 100 manure recycled on the farm
Forced Molting 100 no forced molting
Beak Trimming 100 no beak trimming
Laying Hen Lifespan 80 2-2.5 years old
Use of Spent Hens 100 sold live to other producers or used for soup stock on farm
Death Loss Rate 20 10% or less
Pullets 80 raise up own pullets
Pullet Access to Outdoors 80 8 weeks
Feed Produced on Farm 50 no feed produced on farm but access to pasture
US Grown Feed 70 actively work to secure domestically grown feed but can't be sure
Soy in Feed No soy in feed ration
Synthetic Amino Acids 70 No more than 2 lbs per ton
Disclosure Rate 100 full disclosure
TOTAL (possible score is 2700) 2320
FIVE EGGS (Exemplary)