CERTIFIER: A Greener Wolrd (AGW)

WEB SITE agreenerworld.org/certifications/certified-organic-by-agw
NOP INFORMATION Not yet accredited.

Application for accreditation pending at the NOP.

They say: “Soon to be available as an optional, additional label for Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW farmers and ranchers, Certified Organic by AGW will live up to consumer expectations by recognizing and rewarding farmers who raise animals according to high-welfare standards and organic production practices.”

CERTIFIER STANDING: Greenlighted as ethical

Criteria Comments
Hydroponic Details Hydroponic operations will not be allowed.
Material Review A Greener World maintains a list of all materials allowed in organic production. All materials are verified prior to audit, during the audit, and during the audit review. AGW may develop its own list of prohibited substances should the USDA NOSB permit substances not in keeping with the spirit of Organics.
Fee Structure “Certified Organic by AGW has a $250 application fee. Additionally, AGW charges an annual audit fee on a sliding scale based on gross sales, which range from $216.00 (<$10,000 in annual sales) to $38,272.50 (>$150,000,000 in annual sales. There is a minimum fee of $382.50 for crop farms, $562.50 for livestock and poultry farms and $787.50 for international farms.”
Inspectors Inspectors are required to meet training, education, and other strict requirements. A Greener World’s inspection services are ISO/IEC Guide 17065 accredited.
Imports When AGW certifies importers these will be expected to comply with AGW’s policies. The operations will be inspected to those standards.
Farm Sizes AGW is a new certifier. It will not certify factory farms.
Outdoor Access for Poultry Poultry must be on pasture or range, at minimum, from 4 weeks of life onward. Confinement systems, in-house or field-based pens or cages that restrict the birds’ natural behaviors, are prohibited.  Poultry must also meet Animal Welfare Approved standards for the outdoors.
Pasture Access Requires the amount of outdoor area must be such that the health and welfare of the animals and pasture quality is maintained. Our standards require soil testing as a benchmark indicator of soil health.  Additionally, the activity of the animals must not cause more than 20% of the pasture they are kept in to be denuded.
Livestock Alterations Certified Organic by AGW certification will require prerequisite certification of the Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification.  The Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW standards prohibit tail docking, beak trimming, teeth clipping and additional mutilations.
Origin of Livestock Will not certify any dairies that purchase converted conventional cattle or have transitioned such animals into organic production after acquisition.
Antibiotics in Livestock None allowed.
Inspections AGW uses two different criteria for unannounced audits. Approximately 50% of unannounced audits are randomly selected from a list of all certified entities. Conversely, unannounced audits may also be triggered based on changes to how the entity operates or complaints against the entity.
Residue Testing AGW proposes to carry out a risk-based approach to residue testing.
Producer Support Services A Greener World offers technical advice fact sheets (TAFS), technical support for questions asked, as well as outreach services on behalf of our Communications, Marketing and Outreach team. A Greener World also developed farmhealthonline.com, which started life as the “Organic Compendium” and offers organic health treatment advice to livestock producers. Through its global network of contacts A Greener World is able to access many of the world’s leading Organic practitioners in support of farms working with the program.